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    • Livestock and Agricultural Load Violations

      The livestock and agricultural trucking industry has been granted another 90-day extension to comply with the federally-mandated Electronic Logging Device (ELD). The industry is already on a 90-day ...

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    • Calm Down, How to Avoid Road Rage & Reckless Driving

      CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 23103 , Driving Offenses makes reckless driving a misdemeanor crime and, if convicted, you face severe penalties including jail time. An incident reported on SCV The Signal went ...

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    • Fraudulent Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) Issued

      Indictments Brought for Issuing Fraudulent CDLs Two Bakersfield, CA residents were indicted on 13 counts of criminal conspiracy surrounding the illegal issuance of fraudulent Commercial Driver’s ...

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