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undefinedSome members of the public complain that California drivers have no respect for the law, and speeding, running red lights, lane jumping, or unsafe lane changes without blinker use are out of control.

Many of the CA Assembly and Senate legislators notice that, too, and have created new traffic laws to cut down on some of the dangers. 

What You Should Know About AB 645, Speed Cameras to Avoid Traffic Tickets in CA

One such initiative is Speed Cameras (AB 645) in six CA cities, which will create a citation or summons for speeding 11+ mph over the speed limit. Much like the photo-enforced red light in some CA cities, the camera-enforced speeding tickets will be reviewed by experienced patrol officers before being mailed to the car owner.

The six cities in the initial pilot program called the Speed Safety System, which will last through 3032 are Glendale, Long Beach, and Los Angeles in LA County, and Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco.

The city must provide a 30-day campaign of public information and 60 days of “warning notices” before starting to issue expensive speeding tickets. Remember, speeding 11-15 mph over the speed limit has a “base fine” of $35; with the ten state and county penalties, surcharges, and assessments, the fine total is around $238, depending on the county.

Additionally, a 16-24 mph base fine is $70, or about $360, 25+ mph up to 100 mph over the speed limit is $100 or approximately $490, and the fine for speeding 100+ mph is $300-$500 or between $859 and $2,137.   

However, drivers need to bear in mind that the fine is only around one-fourth of the total cost, as the auto insurance increase will be around $687 annually for the average CA driver for the three years the conviction or paid fine will remain on their driving record.

You should always consult a traffic attorney before paying the fine without disputing it in court with a speeding ticket lawyer.

AB 1909, Bicycle Signals

Many feel as if bicyclists don’t follow any traffic laws. However, this new traffic law requires bicyclists to obey new bicycle signals concurrent with official traffic signals. Bicyclists will be authorized to cross intersections with pedestrians when a walking person or “Walk” light is displayed. 

Senate Bill (SB) 673, Ebony Alert

The Ebony Alert will add an emergency alert to assist residents and emergency services in locating missing Black women or youth. Emergency alerts already include the Amber Alert (child abduction), Silver Alert (missing elderly), Yellow Alert (hit-and-run incident death), Blue Alert (violence against a law enforcement officer), and Feather Alert (missing or endangered indigenous person).

AB 256, Expired Tags or License Plates    

AB 256 will remove the authority of law enforcement officers (LEO) to stop a vehicle when the primary or sole reason for the stop is expired tags within two months after the sticker’s expiration.

AB 413, Stopping Near Crosswalks  

This change in traffic code makes it illegal to stop, stand, or park within 20 feet of an unmarked or marked pedestrian crosswalk. To avoid traffic tickets in CA in the future, drivers should not park within 50 feet of a crosswalk. 

AB 466, Failure to Attend Traffic Violator School

It is no longer a misdemeanor to accept traffic violator school and not attend, nor can the county issue another citation for non-attendance. However, your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) will reflect your guilty plea and your conviction will become a public record once the DMV learns of your non-completion before the court-ordered date. 

AB 361, Vehicles Parked in Bicycle Lanes

This new traffic law will allow municipalities to fit parking enforcement vehicles with cameras to capture and record tag numbers of vehicles parked in bicycle lanes and issue tickets.

AB 436, Removes the Ban on Cruising Prohibitions

LEO can no longer issue citations for cruising, and it is no longer a violation for a vehicle to be mechanically lowered or modified below the vehicle’s rims. 

AB 2773, Traffic Stops

This new traffic law will make it easier for driver to avoid self-incrimination because the LEO can no longer ask, “Do you know why I stopped you today?” Before a LEO can ask for your license, registration, and proof of insurance, they must state specifically why they stopped you. Internal affairs and other agencies must routinely check “body cams” to ensure LEO complies with the new law.

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