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undefinedCaught speeding in Kings County, CA? Don't just pay the fine and move on. While it might seem simpler, the long-term consequences can be much steeper than the initial cost. This is where a speeding ticket lawyer can make a real difference.

Preventing a Ticket in the First Place

Of course, the easiest way to avoid fines, demerit points, and insurance premium increases is never to speed. However, in reality, that rarely works because things happen. But these suggestions sometimes help:

  • Stay alert: Watch your speed, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  • Use cruise control: Maintain a steady, legal speed.
  • Be mindful of traffic signs: Don't miss posted speed limits.

Why You Should Consider a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Near Hanford, CA

Even if you've already received a ticket, hope isn't lost. A speeding ticket lawyer near Hanford, CA, can explore various options to minimize the impact.

  • Possible Dismissal: In some cases, errors in procedure or faulty equipment could lead to dismissal.
  • Reduced Charge: Negotiating with the traffic court judge might secure a lesser charge, such as a no-point violation, instead of a conviction with negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points that might lead to a driver’s license suspension and higher insurance premiums when the driver is not eligible for traffic violator school (TVS). Also, a traffic attorney could negotiate TVS for speeding 25+ mph over the limit, which is not normally eligible. Attendance and completion will keep the conviction confidential and avoid insurance hikes. The District Attorney isn't involved in traffic court cases in Kings County, so an attorney must negotiate directly with the traffic court judge.

The Hidden Cost of Speeding Tickets

Although the fine for speeding one to fifteen mph over the limit or safe driving speed is only around $238, the faster you were going, the more it will cost. Speeding 16 to 24 mph over is about $360, and speeding 25 mph or more over the limit up to 99 mph is approximately $490.

These are a one-time fine, but if you lose your “20% good driver’s discount,” it will stay higher for 36 to 39 months until the DMV removes the conviction from your driving record.

Full coverage car insurance costs an average of $2,692 per year in California. The average cost for state minimum coverage is $653 per year. The average monthly premium for minimum coverage in California is $54. The average monthly premium for full coverage is $224 in California.”—

However, it depends on your zip code and many other factors how much your actual premium will be. A parent adding a 16-year-old to their policy could pay over $6,000 annually for full coverage.

A speeding ticket not eligible for traffic violator school attendance could add around $850 to your annual premium when you lose your good driver’s discount, coupled with the added risk associated with your speeding. At the lower end of speeding, one to fifteen mph over the limit or safe speed generally adds another 10 to 12% to your premium for three years.

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