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undefinedIf you received a traffic citation or a “Notice of Suspension/Probation” for too many negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) from the DMV, enlisting the services of a traffic ticket attorney can be highly beneficial.

While some individuals opt to handle traffic tickets on their own, a traffic ticket attorney can provide valuable assistance in various ways. Plus, many things could go wrong when you decide to represent yourself.

You might think it’s just a matter of explaining to the judge what happened. However, many drivers end up incriminating themselves during the explanation or get stage fright and never get to explain. Once the driver hears the judge proclaim “guilty,” it is often too late. Appeals are rarely heard for traffic infractions, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.   

The following are five reasons why hiring a traffic ticket attorney can be beneficial:

#1—Legal Expertise & Experience

Traffic ticket attorneys possess extensive knowledge of traffic laws, regulations, and the intricacies of local court procedures. They are adept at offering precise information regarding the specifics of your violation and the potential repercussions you may face. 

They often know the law enforcement officers (LEO) and whether they routinely appear at trial, the judge, how they rule, and when to ask for a dismissal or reduced charge.

An attorney can sometimes negotiate with the judge or prosecutor to have your charges amended or reduced, which could mean a lower fine, fewer NOTS points, and it could reduce the effects on your auto insurance premiums.  

#2—Keep You Out of Court

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney means you don't have to go to court. They'll represent you, saving you from missing work or school. Depending on where you were ticketed, this could save you travel time, lodging costs, and the frustration of attending the arraignment and court trial.

CA counties often maintain jurisdiction over traffic tickets, so revenue goes into their county treasury.

Experienced attorneys can provide valuable guidance regarding the merits of disputing the ticket in court. They can also offer insights on various options, including negotiating a plea deal or exploring alternatives like accepting TVS. 

Even though TVS will keep your conviction confidential, it is not always an option or the wisest choice. Once you plead guilty and accept TVS, you are locked into that position. You must consult a traffic attorney before you decide. 

#3—Save You the Stress of Dealing with It

Whatever your traffic issue, whether a citation or possible suspension, it is crucial to have a traffic attorney to guide and assist you.

Traffic cases can be complex—particularly when you have previous convictions or multiple citations. An experienced traffic attorney knows from sitting through similar cases which technicalities exist, under what conditions a judge will usually dismiss a case, and how to negotiate a non-moving violation that will allow a fine without points.   

Hiring a lawyer relieves stress and saves time. Let them handle your case so you can focus on other aspects of your life. 

#4—Preventing a Suspension

A traffic attorney can help you avoid a conviction. And when you face a license suspension due to multiple violations or other circumstances, seeking legal assistance can prove invaluable. With the support and expertise of an attorney, you can effectively contest the suspension and safeguard your driving privileges.

Although it is not mandatory to hire an attorney for a DMV NOTS Hearing, who better to help you through the process than someone whose daily mission is to defend traffic citations and examine accident investigations to find possible inconsistencies?

#5—Keeping Auto Insurance Premiums from Going Up! 

This could be the most significant reason to hire a traffic ticket attorney. When the driver pays the fine or is convicted of a traffic violation, the DMV will assess NOTS points. When the insurance provider learns of the paid fine, usually at renewal, they will remove the driver’s 20% “good driver discount.” 

For the average CA driver, that is a $458 annual discount. Then, they will add the inherent risk associated with the offense. For most minor infractions, that’s 10 to 12%, or about $275 annually. The driver’s new premium could be about $687 more per year.

What’s more, the good driver’s discount and added risk will remain for 36 to 39 or until the DMV removes the conviction from the driver’s record.

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