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undefinedThere are multiple benefits to hiring a traffic ticket attorney and only one major situation where you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look.

No Court Appearance by You 

When you hire a traffic ticket attorney, they will handle the arraignment, plead not guilty for you, and handle the trial. Therefore, you can go to work or school as if nothing happened.

If not, you might need to spend the better part of two days in an uncomfortable courtroom waiting for your name to be called. Many drivers assume they can just go into court, tell the judge what happened, and either pay the fine or be found not guilty.

However, there are typically hundreds of others waiting for their name to be called, too.

An Attorney Can Gather Evidence, Subpoena Witnesses, and Submit the Necessary Documents

Speed measuring devices, like RADAR and LIDAR, need calibration, and law enforcement officers (LEOs) must be trained on these devices. Plus, an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney will know whether the LEO usually intends to attend the trial and what they will probably say.

This is called “discovery,” which the State must supply to the attorney of record, or you if you ask for it. 

You Could Save a lot of Money by Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Most drivers with a traffic ticket think hiring an attorney will cost more than paying the fine and moving on. However, the fine is not the only expense. In fact, it is usually only one-fourth of the total cost of a paid fine.

Typically, when you pay the fine, the DMV will assess negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, which will become part of your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for three to ten years.

Even a minor infraction could cause your insurance provider to pull your “good driver’s discount” of 20% and add the inherent risk associated with the offense. Therefore, a minor infraction normally adds 30 to 32% to your premium for up to three years.

The average cost for auto insurance is $2,664, according to Therefore, the paid fine for a minor infraction like speeding or running a red light could cost nearly $800 annually, or $2,400 over the 36 to 39 months before the DMV removes it from your MVR.   

A Possible Reduced Charge

An experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney who spends the majority of their time in traffic court knows the procedures and can sometimes negotiate a reduced charge with the traffic court judge in Hanford Courthouse. When there are no NOTS points assessed, there’s usually no rise in the auto insurance premium outside of a few violations such as cell phone use.

A Possible Dismissal

Likewise, an attorney knows when a dismissal is warranted, and they will ask for it at the appropriate time. For instance, the ticketing LEO is not required to attend the arraignment, but they are the trial because the driver has a Constitutional right to face their accuser.

Many technicalities could allow the judge to dismiss a traffic ticket if requested at the right time. 

Possible Traffic Violator School (TVS)

You should always ask a traffic ticket attorney before deciding to pay the fine or challenging a ticket.

An honest and reputable attorney will tell you when it is best to plead guilty and accept TVS. Typically, a driver’s first minor infraction within 18 months is eligible to be held confidential from your insurance company.

That could save you up to $2,400 over three years. However, a driver might not be eligible to attend for several reasons. It is best to discuss it with an attorney because, many times, there is no financial benefit to attending. 

Say you have more than one ticket pending. Keeping one confidential might not keep your insurance provider from raising the premium. If you have a “fixit” or correctable ticket for no proof of insurance, loud exhaust, or other, you don’t need TVS for those.

Remember, always consult a traffic ticket attorney to clarify your options.  

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