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undefinedFirst of all, avoiding a following too close ticket is often sneakily difficult. Often, the commercial driver is cut off by their four-wheel driving peers. 

That happens because after passing a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), they pull back in too soon. Maybe another vehicle is flashing its lights at them, and they just want to get out of the way. 

Whatever the reason, the high-profile CMV gets the attention of the law enforcement officer (LEO) sitting on the side of the freeway, who might have missed the smaller vehicle pulling back in too soon. They’ll typically ticket the commercial driver for following too close or tailgating. 

How to Proactively Avoid a Following Too Close Ticket

Knowing the factors affecting your following distance is the first step to proactively preventing a following too close ticket. These are some of those factors:

  • Vehicle weight: The more weight you carry, the greater the following distance should be because the weight will push you along as you try to stop.
  • Speed: This is the most significant factor. The faster you’re going, the more stopping distance you need. Of course, you shouldn’t be going more than 55 mph in CA.
  • Road & Weather Conditions: Remember the mantra, “slow down, move over.” In a construction zone, drivers must slow down and move over one lane.
  • Traffic & Grades: Open up that following distance in traffic and on steep downgrades.
  • Stay out of the Fast Lanes: In CA, commercial vehicles are restricted to the first two lanes, so avoiding the third lane will help drivers avoid lane violations and following too close tickets. 

Of course, seasoned commercial drivers know these proactive prevention techniques, so this is just a reminder.

 The Consequences of a Tailgating or Following Too Close Ticket Conviction

Following too close is a common traffic violation in CA, especially for commercial vehicles, often due to their high profile. 

A following too close conviction or paid fine in CA carries a $238 fine, but the 1.5 negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points are more significant. Whenever the DMV assesses NOTS points for a commercial driver, they notify their fleet manager and the DOT FMCSA.

Any moving violation for a commercial affects their career. However, a DOT FMCSA “serious offense” is a significant event.  

If a driver is convicted of a serious offense within three years of the first, they are subject to a driver disqualification of 60 days, and a third means 120 days.

Not many high-paying fleet managers will keep a driver with a serious offense on the payroll while they serve their suspension.

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