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undefinedThe fine for a speeding ticket conviction in CA is expensive. Even a first-time offender going less than 100 mph could pay more than $500 plus the insurance premium increase of more than $2,000 during the three years or more your conviction will remain on your record.

Over 100 mph could cost you a fine of $859 to $2,137, and your insurance coverage will skyrocket.

Plead Guilty, Pay the Fine, & Accept Traffic Violator’s School (TVS)

This could be your best option if you are eligible to attend to keep your speeding ticket confidential.

This is not always an option and could be a dreadful mistake. Despite what it says on your court reminder or what the law enforcement officer (LEO) may have told you, not all speeding tickets are eligible for TVS attendance.

Sure, you can always attend TVS; however, if you want to keep your speeding ticket conviction confidential and out of the eyes of your employer and insurance provider, you can only use it once within 18 months to mask a conviction. Yes, when you plead guilty and pay the fine, it is a conviction, and the record of that conviction will go into your motor vehicle driving record (MVR).

What’s more, only minor infractions are eligible. Plus, if your minor infraction was for exceeding the speed limit or safe driving speed by more than 25 mph, you must get the approval of the judge to attend and keep it confidential.

You are not eligible if you were driving a commercial vehicle when you were ticketed. Any major infraction (speeding over 100 mph) is never eligible for TVS. A judge could order you to go, but it will not keep the conviction out of public scrutiny. Your insurance provider will likely find it at renewal and double or triple your premium.

Furthermore, you must pay the full amount of the fine for a minor infraction of speeding. The fine is around $238, $360, or $490. Plus, the county will charge you an admin fee, typically $64, plus tuition. And you must complete the course before the court-ordered completion date, or all bets are off. Your conviction will become public record, you’ll lose your 20 percent “good driver’s discount,” and your insurance premiums will increase. For the average California driver, about 32% or $735 annually.   

Therefore, you should always consult a traffic attorney before deciding to plead guilty and attend.

You Could Plead Not Guilty & Represent Yourself in Hanford Traffic Court

There are several issues with representing yourself. One of the most significant is your lack of knowledge and experience in traffic court, and who to see to get what you need.

You could spend all day in court during the arraignment waiting for your name to get called, only to plead not guilty and have to come back another day. If you're unemployed, that might not be a problem, but it really depends on how much your time is worth. Plus, you won’t know the procedures to subpoena RADAR or LIDAR calibration reports or the LEO’s training record on the device.

But one of the most common occurrences, when you explain what happened to the judge, is self-incrimination. Too often, drivers tell the judge, “Yes, your honor, I was going 80 mph, but I was just keeping up with traffic,” or “I was going a little over the speed limit, but I was late for work.”

Hiring a speeding ticket lawyer could save you money in the long run and keep you from self-incrimination. 

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced & Knowledgeable Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Hiring a traffic attorney to dispute your speeding ticket provides you with professional legal expertise to navigate court proceedings, potentially saving you money on fines and insurance hikes. 

Attorneys can skillfully argue your case, possibly resulting in charges being dismissed or reduced, thus preventing points from being added to your driving record. Their understanding of legal nuances ensures your rights are defended, providing peace of mind during a stressful process.

Typically, you will not need to appear in court if you have an attorney, so you can go to work or school as if nothing happened. That can potentially save you lots of money and embarrassment.   

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