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undefinedReceiving a ticket for an illegal U-turn in CA can be more than inconvenient. It’s a situation that may have far-reaching financial implications. 

Although an illegal U-turn is a minor infraction, it can prove costly. The fine associated with an illegal U-turn ticket is approximately $237, depending on the county and state penalties, surcharges, and assessments. However, the fine is only the beginning. The real financial blow comes when your auto insurance provider discovers the conviction, usually at renewal.

Yes, traffic tickets are public information unless you are eligible for and attend traffic violator’s school (TVS).

The Hidden Costs of an Illegal U-Turn Conviction

If convicted of an illegal U-turn, the dominoes begin to fall. Your insurer will revoke your 20% “good driver’s discount” and the inherent risk linked to the illegal U-turn. Over the three-year period that the conviction remains on their driving record, the average CA driver sees their $2,290 annual insurance premium increase by about $733 annually, which adds up to more than $2,000 during that timeframe.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22102Turning and Stopping and Turning Signals, gives notice to drivers:

“No person in a business district shall make a U-turn, except at an intersection, or on a divided highway where an opening has been provided in accordance with Section 21651.”

Moreover, when executing a permissible U-turn, the law requires a clear 200-foot gap from oncoming traffic, ensuring safety for all road users.

Consulting a Traffic Attorney: Your First Line of Defense

It's advisable to consult a traffic attorney before paying the fine for an illegal U-turn ticket. They have the expertise to explore various legal avenues that could potentially lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charge. 

Furthermore, we can provide counsel about the eligibility of attending Traffic Violator’s School (TVS), which keeps the ticket confidential from your insurance provider, thus safeguarding your “good driver's discount.”

However, TVS is not a one-size-fits-all remedy. There are specific criteria and circumstances to be eligible. Although it might state on your court reminder that you are eligible, other criteria must be considered. 

For instance, if you have two or more traffic tickets, or your ticket was correctable, it will make no economic sense to attend TVS. You must not have been operating a commercial vehicle. It must have been a minor infraction. You must plead guilty and pay the entire fine, plus the county admin fee and tuition, then complete the course before the court-ordered completion date. 

If not, all bets are off, and you wasted your time and money. 

Consult with Bigger & Harman About an Illegal U-Turn Ticket in Shafter Traffic Court  

Consult with Bigger & Harman. Our extensive knowledge of California traffic laws enables us to offer tailored advice, ensuring you make informed decisions that serve your best interests.

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