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Receiving a stop sign ticket in a school zone in California can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines, points on your driving record, and even a suspension of your driver's license. As a Criminal Defense 2.0 company, Bigger & Harman, APC is here to help you navigate the legal maze and provide you with tangible and valuable tips on how to fight a stop sign ticket in a school zone in California.

Understanding the Law

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the specific law you have been accused of violating. California's law regarding stop signs in school zones is covered under Vehicle Code Section 22454. This code states that drivers must come to a complete stop when approaching a school bus with flashing red lights and a stop sign displayed. Additionally, drivers must remain stopped until the lights are no longer flashing and the stop sign is retracted.

Gathering Evidence

Evidence is crucial when preparing to fight a stop sign ticket in a school zone. Here are some methods you can use to collect evidence:

  • Take photographs of the scene, including the stop sign, the road, and other relevant details.
  • Obtain a copy of the police officer's notes and any other documentation related to your case.
  • Request video footage from nearby surveillance cameras, if available.
  • Speak with witnesses who may have seen the incident and can provide testimony in your favor.

Building Your Defense

Once you have collected all the necessary evidence, it's time to build your defense strategy. Here are a few potential defenses you can use to fight a stop sign ticket in a school zone:

  • Mistaken identity: You can argue that the police officer mistakenly identified your vehicle as the one that committed the violation.
  • Obstructed view: If your opinion of the stop sign was blocked by another vehicle or object, you may be able to argue that you did not see the sign and thus could not comply with the law.
  • Emergency: If you had a legitimate emergency that required you to proceed without stopping, such as a medical emergency, you might be able to use this as a defense.
  • Incorrect citation: If the officer cited the wrong code section on your ticket or made any other errors, you may be able to get the ticket dismissed.

Seeking Professional Help

Fighting a stop sign ticket in a school zone can be complex and time-consuming. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a skilled attorney who specializes in traffic law, such as the experienced team at Bigger & Harman, APC. They can guide you through the legal process, help you build a strong defense, and increase your chances of successfully fighting the ticket.

The consequences of receiving a stop sign ticket in a school zone in California can be significant. Still, with the right approach and the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you can fight the ticket and potentially avoid these negative outcomes. 

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