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undefinedIntroduction to Speeding 100 MPH & Its Consequences

Speeding tickets are common, but getting caught speeding 100+ mph can have serious consequences. 

In California, the fine for this type of violation can range from $900 to $2,500, not to mention the increased insurance premium that follows. In this blog post, we will discuss the penalties associated with speeding 100+ mph in California and why having trusted legal representation is essential.

The Cost of Speeding 100+ MPH in California

The cost of a speeding 100+ mph ticket in California can be substantial. In addition to the fine, a conviction can result in points being assessed on your motor vehicle driving record, which will stay there for seven years, an increased insurance premium (it could double or triple), and a 30-day driving privilege suspension. 

Plus, the two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points are halfway to a six-month or longer suspension. If you accumulate four NOTS points or more within one year, six within two, or eight NOTS points within three years, you must appear before a DMV NOTS hearing, or your driving privileges will be suspended for six months with a simultaneous 12-month driving probation.    

It is not uncommon for a person convicted of speeding 100+ mph to pay a fine of over $1,000 and a drastic increase in their insurance premium. This added cost can put a significant strain on an individual's budget and lead to long-term financial difficulties. Even a first-time conviction can raise your auto insurance by $2,000 to $4,000 annually for as much as seven years.

The Benefits of Trusted Legal Representation

While the penalties associated with a speeding 100+ mph ticket can be severe, having trusted legal representation by a Kern County traffic attorney can help mitigate the consequences. An experienced traffic lawyer can negotiate with the traffic court judge, potentially reducing the fine or an outright dismissal. A lawyer can also help you understand your rights and represent you in court.

If you're caught speeding 100 or more on Highway 99, it is a major infraction and requires a mandatory court appearance, which a traffic attorney can do for you if you hire us early enough. In fact, Delano will send you a notice with a particular time and date that you have to show up or have an attorney show up for you!  If you don’t, you are looking at hundreds of dollars more in fines and even more headaches. But as traffic attorneys, we can show up for you. Therefore, if you don’t live in Delano, CA, you won’t need to miss the potential two days of work to return to Kern County for arraignment and trial.   

Having trusted legal representation is essential in cases where the evidence against you is weak, or the officer who issued the ticket made a mistake. A good lawyer can identify these issues and use them to your advantage in court.  

Likewise, since a Kern County traffic attorney often knows the judge, court staff, and many of the law enforcement officers (LEO), they have a better idea of what may happen in court and the best way to proceed to get a better result. The attorney can ask for a dismissal if the LEO is not in court on the day of the trial. It is your constitutional right to face your accuser, even in traffic cases. But if the officer does show up, then a good traffic attorney can try to get a reduction to one point, or work to get a dismissal based on a technicality such as a lack of legal foundation for the radar used on the day of the stop. 


Getting cited for speeding 100+ mph in Delano, CA, can result in severe penalties without legal representation, including a hefty fine, license suspension, and increased insurance premium.

However, having trusted legal representation can help minimize these consequences and protect your rights. Before pleading guilty to a speeding 100+ mph ticket, it is essential to consider the long-term financial impact and to seek the advice of a qualified traffic lawyer.

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