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undefinedSpeeding Tickets Become Easier to Accept over Time, But Harder on the Wallet

That first speeding ticket isn’t all that painful. After a few days of remorse, you put it in the glove compartment and forget about it – until the court reminder arrives in the mail.   

Then, you trudge down to the county clerk and plop down the $237, $360, or $490.  

Contrary to what you read on the internet, a 1-15 mph speeding ticket fine is not $35, $70 or $100! This set of numbers is the base fine. It’s what was in the traffic code when it was written.

Since then, the CA Assembly and Senate have approved ten surcharges, penalties or assessments to create revenue for court construction, night court administration, EMT and EMS training, vehicles and helicopters, etc. This system adds billion to the State and County treasuries each year. Whether you use these facilities or not, it’s like paying taxes.

If you drive, odds are you will get a speeding ticket eventually, and if you’re like around 95 percent of Californians, you will dutifully pay the fine without consulting a traffic attorney or contesting it.

People have been so ingrained with the myth that it is cheaper to plead guilty, accept Traffic Violator’s School (TVS), pay the fine, and move on, right? Well, the truth is – that is not true.

First, you can make the State prove their accusations. We mustn’t let law enforcement officers (LEO) get too used to everyone paying the fine that they get sloppy with evidence collection.

Second, their RADAR and LIDAR devices require calibration, and LEO requires training to work it properly. If either isn’t done, it could lead to an inaccurate readout. Further, if LEO has another commitment, got transferred or retired, your speeding ticket could be dismissed if they do not appear in court for your trial. However, they are not mandated to attend your arraignment.

Believe it or not, in addition to the $237, $360, or $490 fine, you could save a lot more because your insurance premium won’t go up. That can save the average CA around $1,800 over the three years the conviction would’ve stayed on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). 

 “Drivers in the Golden State pay an average of $2,190 per year, or about $183 per month.” – Bankrate.

The average premium in CA varies mainly depending on various factors, like age, marital status, where you park your car, your MVR and others. One of the most significant, other than your driving record, is if you have a teenager on your policy, which can raise the price thousands of dollars.

Regardless of what you believe or read on the internet, your best course of action after receiving a speeding ticket is to consult a traffic attorney who will inform you of your options.

Many fear it will cost too much, but traffic attorneys typically use a flat fee to resolve traffic tickets.

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