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Traffic tickets in California can be expensive, but without a traffic attorney to challenge them in court, you could pay nearly $1500 more in auto insurance premiums over the next three years.

Most drivers with a traffic ticket look online to find out how much the fine for their ticket will be and pay it without considering the most expensive portion of the process.

Since the successful CA voter initiative, Proposition 103, Californians have been entitled to a “good driver’s discount” for their clean driving record. When a driver is convicted of a moving violation or pays the fine (which is the same thing), they are assessed negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points for that violation.

What many drivers don’t consider is the DMV is authorized by CA Vehicle Code CVC Section 12810Issue and Renewal of Licenses, to assess and maintain (NOTS) points when a driver is convicted of a moving violation. Most minor infractions of traffic law and collisions are assessed one NOTS point, while major infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies are assessed two NOTS points that remain on your record for three to ten years.

When a regular Class C driver is eligible for and attends Traffic Violators School (TVS), pleads guilty, pays the entire fine, tuition, and county administrative fee, and completes it before the court-ordered date, the ticket will remain confidential. Class A driver convictions will not remain confidential, even if they do traffic school. Normally, convictions are public records and accessible to your insurance company.

Furthermore, after your insurance company learns of the conviction, typically at renewal, they take your good driver’s discount and assess the risk corresponding to the offense. That discount is 20 percent, and the risk for a minor infraction is usually 11-14 percent. 

That means your auto insurance premium could increase around 31-34 percent after a conviction without attending TVS. You might ask why everyone wouldn’t attend TVS. Well, the truth is that not all minor infractions are eligible for TVs; some need a traffic court judge’s permission to attend, some will still cost you around $600, and if you don’t finish on time or get another ticket, it could be money wasted. 

Hiring a traffic attorney to get a dismissal or reduced charge might be a much better option. Although there is no guarantee that they will be dismissed—the odds of getting a dismissal or non-moving violation are much higher when you hire a traffic attorney. Just getting approval to attend TVS could save you a thousand dollars or more.

Which Tickets Can a Traffic Attorney Help You with in Kings County Traffic Court?

This depends on the traffic attorney as many lawyers dislike challenging traffic violations in Hanford Traffic Court as the judges there are very strict. However, Bigger & Harman has an excellent reputation for success there.

Bigger & Harman are well-acquainted with the Hanford Courthouse and can assist you in resolving the following traffic tickets in Kings County:

  • All speeding tickets, including 100+ mph speeding.
  • Stop sign and red-light tickets.
  • Illegal U-turns.
  • Wrong way on a one-way street.
  • Cell phone tickets.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Driving on a suspended license.
  • And others.

Whatever traffic ticket you are charged with and need assistance in Hanford, consult the legal professionals at Bigger & Harman. 

Ask the Traffic Attorneys, Bigger & Harman, for Help to Dispute a Traffic Ticket in Kings County, CA

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We have more than ten years of experience and accumulated knowledge appearing in Hanford Traffic Court in Kings County. We will put that know-how to work for you.  

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The 2021 CA Driver Handbook English y Español

CVC Section 12810Issue and Renewal of Licenses.
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