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undefinedWhen you get accused of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) speeding violation, you need a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney.

You need a traffic attorney who will give you straightforward guidance and an experience in-court negotiator. In California, there are no longer back-door negotiations for reduced charges with the District Attorney (DA). All requests for reduced charges and penalties must be submitted in writing to the traffic court judge.

Sometimes judges are willing to consider a non point violation for truckers, particularly if they have clean records.  Some judges know truckers delivered nearly $700 billion of America’s goods to factories, malls and markets last year.

Moving violations can deal a severe blow to your CDL. Fleet managers are often under the gun to keep fleet insurance premiums to a minimum, and moving violations are one of the most significant factors that cause their rise.  

Independent operators don’t have to worry about a fleet manager, but when they get convicted of a moving violation, their wallet takes the first hit when premiums go up. Plus, they bear the weight of every penalty.

3 Methods to Avoid a CDL Speeding Violation

#1 — Obey the Posted Speed Limit

The statewide maximum speed for commercial vehicles subject to CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22406, Speed Laws, is 55 mph. When you cross the state line from Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon, you might still think the speed limit is between 60 and 70. Not in California. 

Further, if you get caught doing 70 mph on a freeway in CA, you could face a misdemeanor crime. CVC 22406.1, Other Speed Laws, makes it a misdemeanor to drive 15 or more mph over the 55 mph speed limit for commercial vehicles subject to CVC 22406.

#2 — Watch for Reduced Speeds on Dangerous Grades & Curves

Many experienced truckers know the reduced speed on the Grapevine, Donner Pass, Sherman’s Grade and others.

The speed limit in these areas can go from 55 to 35 without much notice. The speed limit signs are typically covered by trucks and buses that must travel in the first or second lane.

#3 — Watch for Reduced Speeds Close to Cities & Built-Up Areas 

Most veteran bus drivers and truckers know that when they approach Banning along I-10 in Riverside County, they must watch for a reduced speed limit and the weight station or chicken coop. The same is true for built-up areas along I-5, 10, 15 and other major highways.  

However, no matter how cautious you are, you might miss a sign and get pulled over by the CHP or local traffic control officer. Be polite and don’t admit any wrongdoing. Most law enforcement wear body cams, and whatever you say, “…can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Sign your ticket and keep moving. Let a traffic attorney challenge the speeding violation in court.

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