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undefinedSimplifying Traffic Court for CA Drivers for More Than a Decade

Using a traffic attorney to simplify traffic court can benefit you in two ways. You will not need to attend traffic court, and the attorney is more likely to get a dismissal or reduced charge.

The first step is identifying the type of attorney you need. It would be best to have a traffic ticket defense attorney dispute traffic tickets in traffic court. Suppose you have a major infraction such as speeding 100+ mph, a misdemeanor such as reckless driving, or a felony like a hit and run with injuries. In that case, you need a traffic defense attorney with courtroom experience.

Many wrongly assume a lawyer is a lawyer. Many attorneys choose a niche to give their clients a better chance of winning their courtroom disputes. Like a family lawyer handles divorce and custody cases primarily, a traffic attorney handles mainly traffic ticket disputes, but not a civil suit resulting from a personal injury. You will need a personal injury lawyer for that.

Likewise, how they get paid differs as well. A divorce, custody or criminal lawyer typically receives a “retainer”or deposit and their fees, which are usually an hourly wage, come out of that. Generally, a personal injury lawyer gets a percentage of the civil suit. However, traffic attorneys charge a flat fee to resolve your issue, whether that is a ticket or a DMV Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) Hearing.

While many lawyers will offer a free initial consultation, which could be in their office, by phone or email, others will charge a fee for a consultation. A consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer will allow you to find out what it will cost you if there is a dismissal (usually only court fees) or reduced charge, how much it will cost if you are found guilty and if you want to continue after you know the possible outcomes. 

The most significant expense in any traffic ticket case is usually the rise in auto insurance premiums. Therefore, if your attorney can negotiate a “no-point” conviction with the traffic court judge, it is like an expensive parking ticket; pay it and forget it. Otherwise, even a minor infraction that you are not eligible to attend traffic violator’s school to mask could cost you nearly $600 per year for three years in increased insurance.

No attorney should guarantee a “win” or dismissal. All an attorney can do in traffic court is raise a “reasonable doubt” with the judge. Of course, they can negotiate a plea, ease the way by presenting documents to the court or asking for a delay if they or the defendant need more time to gather evidence or get a witness who is out of town.

How to Find a Traffic Attorney for Traffic Court

A basic Google or Yelp search will yield a variety of results. Choose a traffic attorney who has hundreds of mostly favorable reviews. Avoid paying for a consultation with an attorney who does not have an excellent reputation for quality representation. Check the evaluations of prior clients to get an idea of how others perceive the lawyer. While each case is different, many people find that an attorney can make the experience more manageable. However, one or two unhappy clients out of hundreds can be expected. You will never please everyone.

If you are not sure what to expect in a traffic court, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Choose a traffic attorney early to ensure you get the best outcome possible. The more time they have to gather information, the better their chance of a dismissal.

Remember, some cases are just not “winnable,” and the best you can hope for is a reduced charge where you pay a high fine, but there are no NOTS points. When there are no NOTS points, your insurance premium will not rise. Seventy-five percent of your expense for a traffic ticket conviction is the rise in insurance premium over the three or more years the conviction will stay on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). The fine is usually only 25% of the expense, even in states like CA with outrageously high fines.

Consult with Bigger & Harman, APC, Before Deciding to Dispute a Ticket in Traffic Court 

Call Bigger & Harman (661) 349-9300. We'll discuss your traffic ticket and if it could be beneficial to dispute your citation in traffic court in Fresno County, CA. Many drivers who received a speeding ticket on I-5 or Highway #99 in Fresno County use the knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket team of Bigger & Harman—you should too! 

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