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undefinedShould You Fight a Speeding over 100 MPH Ticket?

Many Shafter drivers and those passing through on Highway 46 headed for the coast, and some on I-5 find themselves headed to court due to speeding over 100 mph, a violation of CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22348Speed Laws requires a mandatory court appearance for you or an attorney on your behalf.

A better question would be, not if, but how should you fight a speeding over 100 mph ticket. You are going to court. Simply going into Shafter Superior Court in Kern County and pleading guilty to the violation could be a serious mistake. Before you consider “throwing yourself on the mercy of the court,” you must consider the consequences of that decision.

The Consequences of Pleading Guilty to Speeding Over 100 MPH   

The first consequence of pleading guilty is a fine of between $900 and $2,500. Most drivers think they can’t afford to pay a fine like that. The ugly truth is that the fine is small compared to the increase in auto insurance premiums after the DMV assesses two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points.

Those two NOTS points could put you halfway to a six-month suspension of driving privileges and twelve months’ probation. However, if you already have two points, you might need to request a DMV NOTS hearing to preclude a suspension.

What’s more, once your insurance company becomes aware of your conviction, they will probably raise your insurance premium 100 or 200 percent. Since the average California driver pays $2,065 per year for auto insurance, your premium increase could be $4,000 per year or more for up to seven years (3 to 5 is more likely). A more cost-effective option would be hiring the traffic ticket defense team of Bigger & Harman to challenge your speeding over 100 mph ticket.   

Many drivers have to give up their new cars that mandate full coverage and buy a used car that doesn’t because they can’t afford both the increase and the payments.

Another little-known consequence of a speeding over 100 mph conviction is the judge’s ability to order an automatic 30-day driving privilege suspension. Living in a small town is not like living in LA or SF, where you can catch the Metro or Muni. Unless another licensed driver in the family can chauffeur you around for 30 days or more, this could be disruptive to your entire family.

How Should You Most-Effectively Fight a Speeding Over 100 MPH Ticket in Shafter, CA?

As stated earlier, the more cost-effective option would be hiring the traffic ticket defense team of Bigger & Harman to challenge your speeding over 100 mph ticket in court.

Bigger & Harman, APC, have more than a decade of experience challenging speeding over 100 mph tickets across Central and Owens Valley and CA. We represent clients in Kern, Kings, Tulare, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Mono, Inyo Counties and others. In fact, we have developed a system of fighting speeding over 100 mph tickets that few others can match.

Although there are no guarantees, we will represent you using a flat rate. You will always know how much our fee is before you agree to let us handle your court appearance, and you will not need to appear. You can go on with school or work as if nothing happened. If there’s no conviction, your employer or school registrar need not know.

Many employers and school registrars could see it as irresponsible. Therefore, your promotion or scholarship might be canceled before the court considers your case. Once again, we can’t guarantee a dismissal or reduced charge, but we have resolved a high percentage of those favorably.     

Choose Bigger & Harman to Resolve Your Speeding over 100 MPH Speeding Charge 

When you get ticketed for speeding over 100 mph out there on highway 46 or I-5 in Shafter, call Bigger & Harman (661) 349-9300, the Bakersfield traffic ticket defense team you can trust. 

We practice only traffic law in the local courts to give you the most knowledgeable and experienced representation possible. Defending traffic tickets requires the knowledge of traffic court procedures—even attorneys from different areas of law hire us to resolve their tickets.

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CVC Section 22348Speed Laws
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