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undefinedSince a conviction or paid fine for a camera-enforced red light ticket could cost more than $500, even with traffic violator’s school (TVS) attendance and completion, many drivers ask how to dispute one.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid a conviction is not to get a ticket. However, that’s not always as easy as it seems, even when you know precisely where those camera-enforced red light intersections are.

Where Are the Camera-Enforced Red Lights in Bakersfield, CA?

You would think fewer drivers would get caught at these camera-enforced red lights because they’ve been there for years, and their location is on the internet for all to see.

Moreover, each photo-enforced intersection must post a warning sign at the intersection. 

According to Bakersfield City Hall, these are the ten camera-enforced red light intersections:

  1. Oswell Street and Bernard Street.
  2. Oak Street and California Avenue.
  3. Stockdale Highway, California Avenue, and New Stine Road.
  4. Brundage Lane and Chester Avenue.
  5. Stockdale Highway and Coffee Road.
  6. Truxton Avenue and Coffee Road.
  7. Old River Road and Ming Avenue.
  8. Real Road and Ming Avenue.
  9. Valley Plaza and Ming Avenue.
  10. Wible Road and White Lane.

“All data is transmitted and encrypted to a secure central processing center and digitally signed, preventing interception and manipulation of the evidence while ensuring the highest level of protection to the chain of custody. Following a comprehensive review process, law enforcement agencies are provided with secure evidence packages. A local officer reviews and approves the evidence to determine if a violation is warranted.”Bakersfield City Hall

There are two kinds of red light tickets, the camera-enforced and a law enforcement officer (LEO) issued ticket. The fine for an LEO-issued ticket is only around $237, while the camera-enforced red light ticket is about $490. You might wonder why the difference. With the camera-enforced ticket, the county must share the fine with the company that installs and maintains the cameras, Redflex Traffic Systems from Paradise Valley, AZ.

TVS & Camera-Enforced Red Light Tickets

Many drivers believe that attending TVS will get their red light ticket completely dismissed without a fine or court record. This belief is incorrect. 

To attend TVS, you must first plead guilty, pay the total fine amount, about $490, pay Kern County for the privilege of attending, about $67, pay the tuition, between $10 and $20, and complete it before your court-ordered completion date, and then pay the DMV $3 to file your certificate. That’s closer to $600 not to mention the time.

What’s more, it is not automatic. 

You might not even be eligible to attend TVS if:

  • You don’t have a legal CA driver’s license (DL).
  • You were operating a CMV or commercial motor vehicle (CMV).
  • Your ticket was for other than a minor infraction or you have a mandatory court appearance, speeding 100+ mph, a misdemeanor, or felony including a drug or alcohol-related charge.
  • You attended TVS to keep a ticket confidential within the previous 18 months.
  • You were speeding 25 mph or more than the speed limit (however, a traffic attorney can sometimes get approval from the judge.)

Plus, if you get another ticket within the next 18 months, all that was for naught. Although that ticket will be kept confidential, a conviction or paid fine for a second ticket will mean losing your “good driver’s discount,and your auto insurance provider will add the risk associated with the offense. 

You should always consult a traffic attorney before you decide to plead guilty, accept TVS, and pay the fine. Some traffic tickets are easily disputed in traffic court, and a camera-enforced red light ticket could be one of those—you’ll never know until you ask.     

What If I Wasn’t Driving?

The burden of proof lies with the State. If you are clearly not the driver in the photo, it is up to the State to prove who was. You are not required to provide the LEO or judge with that information. That’s another reason it is better to hire a traffic attorney to resolve your red light ticket. If you are not in court, the judge can’t ask you.

Ask Bigger & Harman, APC, about Your Camera-Enforced Red Light Ticket  

When you get a camera-enforced red light ticket in the mail, call (661) 349-9300 for a consultation.

We use a fixed rate to resolve all traffic tickets and DMV NOTS hearings. Regardless of what most people believe, it is almost always cheaper to hire a traffic lawyer than pay a fine and the increase in insurance premiums for three years. The record of conviction or paid fine will remain on your driving record for 36 to 39 months.

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