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undefinedThis article about advanced AI in dashcams points out the possibilities of their use for commercial drivers and fleets to avoid traffic violations and collisions. Although some of the scenarios are made up, the facts about what a CA traffic attorney can do for you are authentic.

NOTE: This is not an endorsement of any specific brand of dashcam, but an informational piece about the possibilities.

Prevent Collisions & Traffic Violations with AI-Equipped Dashcams

Some dashcams are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that warns drivers of possible collisions with cars and pedestrians on the road ahead, and some dual-facing cameras equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) even watch the driver for dangerous conditions and distractions, such as fatigue and cell phone use.

Some newer models of the electronic logging device (ELD) have features that assist drivers with lane departure and forward collision detection. It’s worth it for fleet managers and owner-operators to investigate these devices to prevent traffic violations and accidents. It could vastly improve your Safety Measurement System (SMS) percentile.

Advanced AI Dashcams Can Help Fleet Managers & Commercial Drivers Avoid CSA Severity Points from Traffic Violations & Collisions

The artificial intelligence (AI) in these dash or windshield-mounted cameras can watch the road ahead and the driver.

Imagine you’re a commercial driver hauling cargo to the port at Los Angeles or Long Beach on I-5, trying to make that final push to the port. It’s been a long day, but you’ve got a thermos full of coffee, and you figure you can make it to the port in about four hours, even at 55 mph, the slowest speed limit on the freeway in the lower continental US. Then, you can take a nap while they unload the container.

However, as you roll into Kings County, your eyes get heavy, and you start nodding off. You take a drink of coffee and shake your head. You open the window and turn on the radio. But fatigue takes over, and you swerve out of your lane. A dashcam with ADAS would have helped avoid the situation but the law enforcement officer (LEO) saw your brief out-of-lane experience and pulled you over.

Moreover, if the AI in a dashcam had been watching you, it could have provided a verbal warning when your eyes stayed closed more than a second.

What Do You Do with the Traffic Violation for an Unsafe Lane Change?

Now what can you do about the unsafe lane change ticket that could turn into a serious offense at the DOT FMCSA? You had one last year about this same time.

That means if you can’t get it dismissed, you are looking at a DOT FMCSA “serious offense.” You know that’s a 60-day, unpaid vacation you cannot afford to take.

Then you remember a fellow commercial driver told you he used a traffic attorney from Fresno or was it Kern County? You gave him a call, and it was Kern County. He said Bigger & Harman, the Bakersfield traffic attorneys, took care of everything. He didn’t even have to go to court.

An AI-equipped dashcam won’t keep you out of every traffic ticket, so when you do get one, contact a traffic attorney for a consultation. They’re cheaper than you think, especially considering they could save your career.

Commercial Drivers Should Call Bigger & Harman to Resolve Traffic Violations in Kings County, CA

Here at Bigger & Harman, we believe that highly professional truck drivers are the safest on the road regardless of whether AI helps out. Call Bigger & Harman (661) 349-9300 when you have traffic violations or issues with NOTS points that spill over from your private vehicle onto your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

We frequently represent commercial drivers at DMV NOTS hearing because of tickets received in Kings County and around the state. We are very successful at getting additional leeway on NOTS points for CDL holders. Don’t go it alone. We know truckers get a bad rap, and we vigorously defend their rights to protect their driving record. Give us a call or send us an email.

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