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undefinedTypically, before a driver hires a traffic attorney to resolve their traffic ticket case, they have some concerns. The three most common are how much it will cost, is it worth it, and will I have to pay the court and the traffic attorney?

#1 — How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Traffic Attorney?

Of course, the number one concern is always how much it will cost. That depends on the traffic attorney and their reputation for providing favorable resolution for traffic tickets. The best attorneys are the busiest and can charge more than their counterparts who don’t have an excellent reputation.

What most people worry about when they consider hiring a traffic attorney to resolve their ticket is, Will I have to pay a retainer or an outrageous hourly wage that I cannot afford? Most traffic attorneys do not require a retainer. You hire them to resolve your ticket, and after they’ve done that, your relationship is over.  

Point two is the hourly wage. Once again, most traffic ticket attorneys do not charge by the hour. They could sit in traffic court for six hours, waiting for your case to come up. The successful traffic attorney listens to the rulings and remembers how various judges rule on specific issues to use later for their clients. Plus, they can handle other documents and filings while they wait.

#2 — Is It Worth It to Hire a Traffic Attorney? 

It depends on the issue. Some minor first offense infractions can be dealt with by attending Traffic Violator’s School (TVS). However, you can only use TVS to keep one minor offense confidential for 18 months. When you have two traffic tickets pending, it is of no financial use. It will just cost you more, though you might learn something from it. 

It’s not always wise to use TVS to keep a ticket confidential from your insurance company. Your best course of action before deciding to plead guilty and accept TVS is to consult a traffic attorney. Many also provide a free initial phone or email consultation about your ticket.

Many question whether a $237 to $490 fine is worth paying a traffic attorney who might charge $600 or more to resolve their ticket. The answer to that would be no if that were all there was to it. However, the fine is often only one-fourth of the actual cost.

The average Californian will pay $392 to $600 more per year for a minimum of three years for auto insurance after their first driving violation when they are not eligible for TVS. So, you could pay as much as $1,800 more for insurance. 

CA law requires your insurance company to provide a 20% “good driver’s” discount, which disappears after a conviction for many traffic violations. Then, your insurance company applies a risk multiplier depending on what you were convicted of doing.    

#3 — Will I have to pay the court and traffic attorney?

Once again, that is possible. There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in traffic court. The traffic court judge has the final verdict. However, all a traffic attorney has to do by law, and the Constitution is raise a “reasonable doubt” if there is a hearing.

In many cases, a traffic attorney can get a dismissal when the law enforcement officer (LEO) does not show up to testify or a reduced “no-point” conviction when the state or the LEO’s evidence against you is weak.

A no-point conviction amounts to you paying a fine only. There is no negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points assessed. Therefore, no notification is sent to your insurance; thus, your insurance premium stays the same.

Always consult a traffic attorney about your traffic issue.

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