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The following scenario is a fictional story to show what could happen with a 100+ speeding ticket. Although the events are fake, the consequences of a conviction for speeding in excess of 100 mph are very real.

A Job Interview at San Fran Led to a 100+ Speeding Ticket

When you woke up, and the sun was shining in your eyes, you knew something was wrong. Looking at the digital display on your clock as it blinked 12:00 repeatedly confirmed your fears. Something was wrong, but how late were you? 

You pulled the drawer open to find your watch accurately ticking, but the display read 7:15. That couldn’t be right, could it? Your interview in downtown San Francisco was scheduled for 11:30. It’s a three-hour drive from your house in Fresno with no traffic. Plus, you still needed to shower and get dressed.

When you left the house, it was 7:48. You’d be flying low into San Francisco and hoping CHP was at Starbucks or Burger King this morning. As you pulled out onto the 99, there wasn’t much traffic, and you figured you could make pretty good time.

You actually did make pretty good time all the way to Herndon before you saw the light flashing and heard the siren behind you. When you looked down, you cringed to see the needle north of 100. Not too far over, though; probably around 102 mph.

Just be cool, you told yourself, maybe you can talk him out of giving you a ticket. You explain to the officer about the clock and the job interview. He was not impressed. 

LEO Explained to Me the Mess I Have Made for Myself & Handed Me a 100+ Speeding Ticket 

LEO was actually very nice. Two CHPs, actually. They explained that a 100+ speeding ticket required a mandatory court appearance where you received the ticket. So, here in Fresno County Traffic Court. 

They said the fine could be expensive (as much as $2,500), and the DMV would assess two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, which could double or triple my auto insurance for seven years. That’s how long the record will stay on my motor vehicle driving record (MVR)>

Then, they said if I represent myself, some of the Fresno County Traffic Court judges might suspend my license for 30 days if I am convicted. That kind of surprised me, but what they said next shocked me. 

I talked to my dad when I got home that night. My father said he knew about Bigger & Harman and used them once or twice himself. He said they’re straight-shooters, and I should call them.

Well, I called them this morning, and they said I wouldn’t have to go to court, which is good because I’ll be working in San Francisco starting the following Monday. Even though I was a little late for the interview, I explained to them about the clock and the 100+ speeding ticket; they must have been desperate because they hired me. So, I’m no longer stressing this mess. I know there is no guarantee, but I’ll leave it in the good hands of Bigger & Harman.

When You Have a 100+ Speeding Ticket, Call the Bakersfield Traffic Team of Bigger & Harman, APC 

Although the events are a fabrication, the consequences of a conviction for a 100+ speeding ticket are genuine. Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300 when you need assistance with a traffic ticket in Fresno County. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.



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