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undefinedIf you’re nearing the maximum four negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points within twelve months, six within twenty-four, or eight within thirty-six, there are only two methods to keep those speeding ticket points from hitting your motor vehicle driving record (MVR).

One of those two might not apply to you. Depending on the last time you used traffic violator’s school (TVS) to keep your conviction confidential (only confidential if you are a Class C driver). You can only use TVS once per 18 months to hide a ticket conviction from your auto insurance provider.  

So, before deciding to pay a fine and accept TVS, if eligible, you should discuss your situation with a traffic attorney. TVS is not the right choice in many cases, and you could wind up wasting your money.   

TVS Eligibility for a Speeding Ticket

Many drivers believe the myth that attending TVS will forgive their traffic ticket. However, the real truth is you have to plead guilty, pay the full fine amount, plus $64 to the court clerk, the tuition fee to the school, and complete the course before the court-ordered completion date.

If the DMV does not receive your completion certificate, guess what? You just wasted a lot of money; the DMV will assess NOTS points for the speeding ticket, and if that takes you over the numbers quoted previously, send you an Order of Suspension & Probation. The DMV can suspend your license for six months and put you on probation for one year; half of that is concurrent with your suspension.

You are not eligible for TVS if:

  • You don’t have a CA license.
  • You were driving a commercial vehicle when ticketed.
  • Your ticket was not a minor infraction. That means speeding 100+ mph, misdemeanors, and felonies are not eligible.
  • Your ticket was related to drugs or alcohol use.
  • You have a mandatory court appearance.
  • You have used TVS to hide a conviction within the last 18 months.

Typically, your court reminder will say if you are eligible for TVS. However, there is no financial benefit to attend for a “fixit” or correctable ticket. Plus, if your speeding ticket was for 25 or more mph over the speed limit, a traffic court judge must approve your attendance. A traffic attorney might be able to secure that approval for you.

What’s the Other Method of Keeping Those Speeding Ticket Points off Your Record?

The other method to keep points off your MVR and keep from getting a suspension order is to dispute your speeding ticket in court with a traffic attorney's assistance. We know, right away, you start thinking, “That’s crazy talk. I can’t afford a traffic attorney to handle my speeding ticket when I might wind up paying the fine anyway.”    

Of course, that is possible. We can’t guarantee your ticket’s dismissal, no one but the judge can, but we know when to ask for dismissal and how to negotiate a reduced charge. Plus, your odds go way up when you hire a knowledgeable and experienced traffic attorney to handle your speeding ticket.

What Can You Do if Those Points Hit Your MVR?

Let’s suppose, you ignore hiring a traffic attorney, you represent yourself, and hear the judge proclaim, “Guilty, pay the court clerk your fine on the way out.” The DMV will assess one point, and you will soon get an Order of Suspension & Probation from the DMV. You need to immediately request a DMV NOTS Hearing, get a copy of your MVR here, and call Bigger & Harman. 

Although you are legally bound to hire an attorney to represent you at a DMV NOTS Hearing, if you use the same method you used to resolve your speeding ticket, you can expect the same result.

A traffic attorney knows which ticket can be removed from your record; they’ll know if you were wrongly accused of an at-fault accident, they could get these removed from your record. If nothing can be removed, a traffic attorney could possibly get probation rather than an outright suspension.

Don’t go it alone; call an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney who can resolve your speeding ticket in Fresno County, CA. 

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