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undefinedWhen someone has a medical condition, you always hear, “Did you get a second opinion?” Why isn’t that true with the legal profession? The legal profession and attorneys are like any other, you have go-getters who want to help their clients, and you have those that are just in it for the money.

Choosing a Traffic Attorney     

You should never feel locked into using a traffic attorney just because they offered a free consultation. Many times, attorneys act as if you are wasting their time, or they try to push you into accepting their price whether or not you think it is fair.

Should you hire a friend or family relative who is a lawyer? Yes, of course, provided they typically practice the area of expertise you require. Hiring “Cousin Vinnie” to represent you in traffic court does not make sense if he practices divorce law. 

Many assume a lawyer is a lawyer. However, that’s as impractical as saying a doctor is a doctor. If you hire a psychiatrist to take out your appendix, things could go terribly wrong. The same is true of hiring a divorce lawyer to handle your speeding ticket; you could wind up paying a significant fine and a higher insurance premium, even though someone else initiated a road rage incident and you were merely trying to get away from them.

Although Cousin Vinnie might be an excellent divorce lawyer, he might not do so well raising “reasonable doubt” about your reckless driving. 

Their time spent in traffic court benefits you and the traffic attorney because they hear thousands of cases similar to yours. They know the court staff and judges. They know many of the law enforcement officers (LEO) who work in that area. 

Therefore, if the LEO who arrested you doesn’t appear in court, they know to ask for a dismissal because you are entitled to confront your accuser.  

Should You Expect Empathy & Attention from Your Traffic Attorney?

Although you shouldn’t expect an attorney to be empathetic to your cause, you should expect them to keep you up-to-date and informed about the progress in your case. If your speeding ticket trial is delayed for some reason, you should expect that your attorney would inform you of the date change, whether or not you are expected to participate. 

Likewise, they should ask you about the circumstances surrounding your ticket, tell you how much they charge as a flat fee or per hour, and ask you if you are willing to accept a reduced charge. Often, a reduced charge could cost you the full amount of the traffic ticket, but if there are no points, then you could save hundreds if your insurance premium does not go up.

Traffic Attorneys Who Can Resolve Your Ticket in Tulare County Traffic Court 

When you need a traffic attorney who will represent you in Porterville or Visalia Traffic Court, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300.

We are Bakersfield attorneys who specialize in traffic ticket defense. Additionally, we can represent you at a DMV NOTS Hearing to possibly get points removed to avoid a suspension. Even when we cannot get points removed, we can often get probation rather than a suspension. Give us a call; let’s discuss your circumstances.  


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