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undefinedDon’t Let This Be Your Weekend Road Trip 

Imagine you and some friends decide to take a weekend road trip to Vegas. You schedule a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, you score tickets for Cirque du Soleil, with dinner reservations for Lobster Ravioli at Lago’s in Bellagio’s Resort and Casino. 

But then, you get a ticket for driving over 100 mph on I-15 just outside Barstow, CA, and you wonder if you can afford the rest of the trip. If you’ve already bought the tickets and made reservations for this once-in-a-lifetime weekend getaway, you might as well enjoy it. 

When you get an over 100 mph speeding ticket in CA, you also acquire a mandatory court appearance in the county where you received the ticket. However, when you hire Bigger & Harman to handle your defense, you can relax. Your defense will be handled professionally, and you will not have to appear in court.

That means you won’t have to take one or two days off work for your arraignment and trial. Bigger & Harman will subpoena the calibration records for the device used to measure your speed and the training records of the LEO who used it. If those records are not suitable, they will ask the judge for a dismissal or reduced charge.

Some options require you to pay the fine of between $900 and $2500 without the two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points that would normally be assessed by the DMV. 

Typically, when convicted for an over 100 mph speeding ticket, the DMV will assess the NOTS points associated with the conviction. When your auto insurance company learns of the conviction, they will raise your premium 100 percent or more. If there are no NOTS points, only the fine, like a parking ticket, there is no rise in auto insurance.   

Since an over 100 mph speeding ticket conviction is a major infraction, the NOTS points will remain on your driving record for seven years. It could wind up costing you over $10,000 more in insurance premiums during that seven years. 

Don’t Let This Driving Disaster Become Your Reality for Up to Seven Years

Although the events of this weekend road trip are fictional, the details of a 100 mph speeding ticket in Barstow, CA, are realistic. Your best option to overcome an over 100 mph speeding ticket is to hire a CA traffic attorney team to help you resolve your ticket in Barstow, CA Traffic Court.

CA Traffic Attorneys Who Can Help with a 100 MPH Speeding Ticket in Barstow, CA  

When you have a traffic ticket in Barstow, CA, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide you the best possible defense for your traffic tickets, and we can represent you at a DMV NOTS hearing if you have received an Order of Suspension & Probation from the DMV. Removal of one ticket or at-fault accident determination, and you could forego a suspension. 



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