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undefinedYou would think with the pandemic and more people staying home rather than traveling, there would be fewer tickets for speeding over 100 mph. However, according to a report in, “In California, the Highway Patrol said they’ve seen an 87% increase in tickets for people going over 100 mph.”

According to that same source, 29 percent of drivers responding said they never got a speeding ticket. And nearly one-third admitted to lying to the LEO about why they were speeding in trying to avoid a speeding ticket. also claims, “California has the highest car insurance rate increases for drivers who get a ticket for traveling between 11 to 16 mph over the speed limit.” The average driver’s insurance premium increases by 34% after a speeding ticket conviction. A conviction for speeding over 100 mph could increase your rate by double or triple.

Many LEOs said that when the driver is polite, cooperative, and sincere in their apology for speeding or request for a warning, they often relent. However, some say it is almost impossible when they are assigned to a speeding “hot spot” because they are expected to issue speeding tickets there. But even in these hot spots, a polite driver could be given a break on the speed, such as 99 mph instead of over 100 mph, which could save thousands of dollars in some states.

Plus, 41% asked for and received a warning instead of a ticket, and 48% said they were speeding because everyone else was.

What’s more, of those who weren’t successful with their speeding excuse and hired a traffic attorney to plead their case in court, ninety-three percent said they were satisfied with hiring a lawyer and “they think the cost was worth it.” And“Only 4% hired a lawyer and still got the ticket.”

We wondered if those speeders could get out of their ticket and what excuses worked best with law enforcement officers (LEO). Here’s a look at the top 10 reasons drivers use for speeding over 100 mph from least significant to most effective.

#10 — Excuse for Speeding Over 100 MPH in California

Although there are some other lame excuses, for our purposes, this was the least effective excuse given. When asked how fast they were going, the driver responded, “I have no idea. I wasn’t paying attention.”

#9 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I have a court appointment.”

#8 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I have a doctor’s appointment.”

#7 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I have to pick up my child from school.”

#6 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I have a medical emergency.”

#5— Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I didn’t see the sign.”

#4 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I have to use the bathroom.”

#3 — Excuse for Speeding

“Was I speeding, officer? I was just keeping up with traffic.”

#2 — Excuse for Speeding

“I’m sorry officer. I am late for work.”

#1 — Excuse for Speeding

Nearly one-third, 32%, claimed, “I didn’t realize I was speeding.”

Whatever excuse you use, give your attorney a fighting chance if you do not get off with a warning. Do not admit you are guilty of speeding over 100 mph. It is a major infraction with a fine for conviction of between $900 and $2,500 and two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points. When your insurance company is notified, it will likely double or triple your premium for up to seven years.

There’s no traffic violators school allowed for speeding over 100 mph, and you or an attorney must make a court appearance, whether or not you challenge the ticket. The traffic court judge is authorized to suspend your license for up to 30 days if convicted. It would be wise to consult with a traffic attorney as soon as possible.

Who Handles Speeding Over 100 MPH Tickets in Barstow, CA?

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We have had tremendous success at getting dismissals and reduced charges for speeding over 100 mph in Barstow and other CA traffic courts. Give us a call to discuss your options.



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