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Teen Ticket Charge in California

Getting a serious ticket as a teenager can impact your future in more ways than one. From the cost of the ticket itself to its effect on your insurance and points on your license, it can have a significant impact on your life.

Many major colleges and universities could reject your admission application if you get convicted. College admission officials and future employers will look at your conviction as irresponsible or immature. With all the applicants you will be measured against, schools look at everything, not just your GPA but also athletics, volunteering, extracurricular activities, social clubs, and others.

When all things are equal, those with a clean driving record will get considered before those with serious driving violations. Read on to find out how a teen ticket can affect your future.

Teen Ticket Responsibility & Your Reputation

If you're thinking that there aren't many consequences beyond a fine for getting a teen ticket, you're mistaken.

First off, the fines associated with getting a ticket can be outrageous. California has exceptionally high penalties compared to other states, so it's common to see amounts upward toward $500 for teenagers who have been cited going 25 mph over the speed limit or running a camera-enforced red-light.

Secondly, there is also a chance of being sentenced to community service that needs to be completed or have your driver’s license suspended. The court could decide to make you serve hours of community service for your speeding or red light violation.

You might think that these violations will go away when you come of age, but an employer or college admissions person could get the information before it can be removed when you turn 18.

Third, your insurance rates can skyrocket. This is scary for both the teenage driver and their parents since most teens are on their parents' insurance. Auto insurance rates can significantly increase when receiving a red-light ticket, speeding, or other traffic teen ticket.

These increases can reach thousands of dollars for teen drivers even on your parents’ policy. What’s more, these increases will not reduce when you’re no longer a teen, but will continue for at least three years.

Finally, there is a chance that you might be sent to driving school by the court for receiving a teen ticket. Yes, they will send you back to school if the court thinks you're not capable enough behind the wheel. Once again, this will increase the amount to be paid. The court requires the payment of an attendance fee with the fine, then you will need to pay tuition for in-class programs, tuition plus a proctor fee for the completion exam for online courses, which will need to be paid by the teenager or their parents.

Why Hire a Traffic Attorney?

In California, all teen tickets must be resolved in juvenile court. A traffic ticket attorney is optional, but the judge will understand that you have taken the teen ticket seriously when you hire a traffic attorney.

Obey the law, don't speed, or use your cell phone while driving. However, mistakes happen, and when they do, be sure you get a knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket attorney.

Having a traffic ticket attorney to represent you could be the difference between a teen ticket that gets dismissed or reduced, to one that severely impacts your future. The choice is yours, but you must have the facts to make an informed decision. Give us a call.

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