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undefinedMany CDL holders from out-of-state may not be aware of CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22406Speed Laws, which restricts most commercial vehicles and some private vehicles with three axles or more from driving more than 55 mph statewide and getting a speeding ticket.    

That section of traffic code applies to:

  • Motor trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Buses or passenger vehicles hauling a trailer or another vehicle
  • A school bus when transporting pupils
  • Farm labor vehicle when transporting laborers
  • Any vehicle transporting explosives 

Very few  states have a speed limit differential like the one in CA. Therefore, many CMV drivers with a CDL are shocked by the law when they  receive a speeding ticket. What’s more, many are more surprised when they pay the speeding ticket rather than contest it, and wind up being terminated by a fleet manager with a zero-defect mentality.

Some would instead take a chance with a new CDL holder fresh out of school with no tickets. Professional CMV drivers with a CDL should never just pay the fine for a speeding ticket and move on. Your CDL is essential to stay on the road earning a living. Call a traffic ticket attorney that offers a free consultation and get straight answers about your chances.

Not all speeding tickets can be dismissed by a traffic attorney; however, there are methods to dispute a speeding ticket successfully. For those that cannot be disputed, there are often ways to get a judge to approve what is known as a no-point conviction. This usually entails paying the same fine, but  since  it is a non-moving violation, it does not go on your motor vehicle driving record or Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) record either.

When there are no Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) points, most fleet managers know there will not be a rise in their Safety Measurement System (SMS) percentiles and no increase in their fleet insurance. Therefore, there’s no reason for termination.

Traffic Violators School (TVS), Your CDL, & Speeding Tickets

Another anomaly about CA traffic law is that CDL holders who get a traffic ticket in their CMV are not eligible to attend TVS as they would be able to do for the very same violation in their private vehicle. Therefore, many CA traffic court judges are more lenient toward CDL holders represented by counsel who know their way around in traffic court.

A speeding ticket lawyer who only practices traffic law is more apt to know when to ask for a dismissal or no-point reduced conviction than a lawyer who typically practices another law area. Whenever possible, consult with a traffic attorney. 

Which Traffic Law Firm Should I Consult about a Speeding Ticket in Kings County? 

When you have a speeding ticket or any traffic ticket in Kings County, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We practice only traffic law because we want to provide our clients with the best possible representation to get the best results.  



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