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Driving without a license in the State of California is a ticket that could brand you for the rest of your life with a criminal record, causing you to lose freedom and privileges, not limited to driving.

If you are caught driving without a license in CA, you need a traffic ticket attorney to resolve the driving without a license ticket. It is best to prevent the ticket. However, during these trying times with many government offices running skeleton crews or limited opening hours, you could miss your opportunity to renew your license.

When caught driving without a valid license and convicted, you could receive a permanent mark on your record that brands you for the rest of your life. This mark could point employers or school administrators to question if you are a competent and responsible adult. Getting into leading colleges and universities like Stanford, UCLA, and others are challenging enough. You do not want to miss out on selection because of driving without a license conviction.

The most effective prevention of driving without a valid license ticket is to be prudent and proactive about renewal or taking your driver’s test in the first place. CA traffic law states that you must get a CA driver’s license within ten days of becoming a resident.

If you are issued a ticket for driving without a license, you must consult a misdemeanor traffic ticket attorney.

CA Traffic Law & Driving Without a License

Getting stopped by the police while driving without a license can brand your name with serious legal misdemeanor criminal records that can show up to be used against you at any time under any conditions. Under the CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 12500, Issuance of Licenses, Expiration, and Renewal provides that “A person may not drive a motor vehicle upon a highway, unless the person then holds a valid driver’s license issued under this code…” There are three likely scenarios that a driving without a license charge could take.

First, your ticket could be “correctable,” which means you had a valid license at the time of the violation but didn’t have it on you. In this case, you would take your license to the police department where you got the ticket, show your license to the law enforcement officer (LEO) who ticketed, pay the court fee, and you are finished.

Second, if you did not have a driver’s license, or it was suspended without your knowledge. The traffic court judge could consider this as a “wobbler,” which could be an infraction with the assistance of a traffic attorney, and you might pay a fine or get a dismissal.

Third and finally, the LEO wrote it up as a misdemeanor, which could result in a fine and jail time. On your citation if the “M” is circled rather than the “I” that means you have a misdemeanor ticket. Still, a traffic attorney could request the traffic court judge to downgrade it to an infraction or dismiss it entirely depending on the circumstances.

A traffic ticket attorney has the knowledge and experience required to compose a request for a dismissal or reduction of charges to the traffic court judge.

If you were driving without a valid license because you forgot your eyeglasses the day someone drove you to the DMV, or your kids were misbehaving at the DMV and you just had to leave; you still do not have a license to operate a motor vehicle on the road, and it is just as serious as driving under a suspended license. Whatever the circumstances, to avoid a fine, possible jail time, and a criminal record, consult an attorney.

Trying to explain away an infraction or a misdemeanor even with your best excuse is likely a waste of time. CHP officers have already heard 300 or more stories that top yours, no matter how polite they pretend to be.

If you are caught driving without a license and ticketed, call the attorneys at the Bigger and Harman law firm to resolve your ticket. Remember, this could be a misdemeanor charge, so exercise your “right to remain silent” and do not make a statement until you have spoken with an attorney.

Driving Without a License Attorneys in Kern County

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We practice only traffic law with a fixed fee. Regardless of how many times we must attend traffic court to resolve your ticket, the cost to you doesn’t go up. We also can represent you at a DMV NOTS Hearing, so give us a call.



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