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undefinedThe final FMCSA HOS rules that apply to adverse conditions took effect at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) 29 September 2020.

What Are the Four FMCSA HOS Rules Affected? 

The following four rules will change for CDL holders:

  • Short-haul exemptions
  • Adverse conditions exemption
  • 30-minute break requirements
  • Sleeper berth provision

Carriers are advised to contact their electronic logging device (ELD) providers to ensure the FMCSA HOS rules will get implemented within the ELD. These changes may not be seamless to the driver and may require manual input.

A device that inaccurately points to a rules violation could cause delays, hardships, and unnecessary legal proceedings for the carrier and the driver. Make sure these changes are implemented before that happens.

How Do Adverse Driving Conditions Affect the FMCSA HOS Rules?

These FMCSA HOS rule changes give drivers more flexibility in dealing with adverse driving conditions, such as rain, sleet, hail, fog, or traffic, without negatively affecting safety, which remains the primary concern.

Now, a driver can add up to two hours to both the driving and their work shift. A property carrier can drive up to 13 hours and work up to 16 hours without violating the FMCSA HOS rules when using the adverse driving conditions exemption.

Likewise, a passenger carrier can drive up to 12 hours and work up to 17 hours without violating the FMCSA HOS rules when using the adverse driving conditions exemption.

Charter and other passenger bus operators often handle baggage, ticket collections, and other on-duty, nondriving services normally up to 15 hours. However, the driver could take a two-hour break in a rest area to await a road closure, traffic, or adverse weather without violating the HOS rules.

Property and passenger carriers must take a ten consecutive hour break in service after either driving or on duty maximum HOS. That has not changed. 

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