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Protect Your Trucking Career by Backing off that Gas Pedal

A speeding ticket in your CMV can put your commercial driver’s license (CDL) at risk. If you are repeatedly caught speeding in a CMV in California, you could kill your trucking career. Many trucking firms have a zero-tolerance for moving violations, particularly speeding. You will pay hundreds of dollars in fines to the state for one speeding ticket if convicted. Plus, you will pay much more over time to your insurance company, whether in your private car or CMV.

What’s more, if you are convicted, the DMV will notify the FMCSA, who will assess Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) severity points to both you and your carrier. Just one to five mph over the speed limit will get assessed one CSA point, four for six to ten, seven for eleven to fourteen, and the maximum of ten for fifteen mph over or any speeding ticket conviction in a construction zone. Now, one to seven points might not seem like much for a driver, but consider the impact on a firm with 100 or more trucks.

Plus, when a second conviction within the same BASICs category occurs within six months, the severity points get multiplied by three time-weight points. Likewise, occurrences within six to twelve months are multiplied by two.

The California DMV also uses a point system, which a single speeding ticket can add one point five (1.5) Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points that will remain on your record for three years. These points can be used to suspend your license if you accumulate four or more in a year, six or more in two years, or eight within three years.

Keep Your Trucking Career Running Smoothly

If you recently received a speeding ticket, you are at risk of damaging your trucking career. The best course of action is to consult with and hire a traffic ticket attorney to resolve your speeding ticket.

Pay attention to downgrades. Although it can be challenging to maintain the speed limit with a heavy load going downhill, millions of truckers do it without tickets. Watch for signs that announce reduced speed limits on downgrades, in Donner Pass, Tejon Pass, the Grapevine, and others. Actually, California has some of the most dangerous roads in America for truckers.

Furthermore, if you are heading out to Phoenix on I-10, it is one of the most dangerous 150-mile stretches in America. I-10 from Riverside County to Phoenix sees an average of 85 deaths per year.

Remember that the maximum speed limit for a CMV throughout California is 55 mph. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything and maintain full attention to the road ahead. Speeding can put you and those driving around you at a higher risk of injury, or worse.

The Possible Consequences of Self-Representation for Speeding in a CMV

Always consult with a specialized traffic ticket attorney after receiving a speeding ticket. If you decide to represent yourself in traffic court, a single conviction will remain a part of your record for three years.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22406, Other Speed Laws requires most CMVs to stay under 55 mph, and CVC 22406.1, makes it a misdemeanor to exceed 15 mph over that speed. Therefore, if you’re cruising along at 70 mph, like most other vehicles on the highway (well, actually they’re more likely doing 80 or 90), besides the traffic fine of $235 - $490, you could be guilty of a crime, which could have you doing time in the county jail.

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney who could get your speeding ticket reduced to a no-point violation or even a dismissal is possible. Hiring a traffic attorney is usually your best hope to avoid a conviction and maintain a clean CDL. Seasoned traffic ticket attorneys understand a CDL holder’s situation when they receive a speeding ticket. Why place your livelihood at risk?

When possible, learn and apply new driving methods to help you maintain the speed limit while driving your CMV to avoid the ticket altogether. However, if you do get a speeding ticket, consult a traffic ticket attorney to protect you and your career.

Think about it. Do you have time to spend in a courtroom waiting for the judge to call your name to get through the arraignment to plead not guilty and possibly arrange another court date for trial? You could save more by continuing your routes and letting an experienced traffic attorney resolve your ticket.

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