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Your trip between Las Vegas and California takes an unpleasant turn when you get ticketed for speeding over 100 mph. Contact a California lawyer to handle your mandatory court appearance before you go back to Nevada because California counties maintain jurisdiction of tickets in their county. 

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Speeding Over 100 MPH in California

If you do not want to be cited for speeding, do not speed. But if you are accused, there are ways to fight your ticket. Your speed can be measured by law enforcement officers (LEO) in several different ways. A popular device used by law enforcement is radar. 

You need a lawyer to subpoena the calibration and training records for the LEO and device used. Although most speed measuring devices used by LEO are accurate, some are not, and some LEOs don’t receive the correct training. 

What’s more, the burden of proof is on the state, not the accused. Make the state prove its allegations.

Another method is the use of aircraft. A pilot suspects a vehicle and informs an officer on the ground. The officer on the ground must pace the vehicle to establish theirs was the vehicle speeding, initiate a stop, and then ticket the driver. In this instance, both the pilot and the officer writing the ticket MUST have their names on the citation and show up for court.

This legal technicality is why CA does not use this method very much. Plus, the cost of maintaining aircrafts and flying time does not warrant its use to catch speeders. 

If you were stopped using an aircraft, you should definitely seek counsel from a traffic ticket attorney as traffic court judges frequently rule these  aircraft tickets unenforceable. 

Think about it. How many new white or black cars are there speeding on I-15 at any given time? And how does the LEO on the ground know that you were the one speeding without verifying your speed?  

A third method is pacing. An officer gets behind the suspected speeder and, while maintaining a constant distance, reads his own vehicle’s speedometer to determine the target vehicle’s speed. Once again, the LEO must show up in court. The CA Constitution, as well as the US Constitution, provides the accused “the right to confront their accuser.” 

Speeding Over 100 MPH Is Not Unique

The two most common routes for speeding over 100 tickets are I-15 from LA to Vegas and I-5 from LAX to SF. 

The violation has a minimum base fine of $300 to $500, your appearance at court is mandatory, and a conviction will result in the suspension of your driver's license for 30 days. Also, the DMV will assess two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). 

Each county adds court fees, penalties, surcharges, and other costs that make the total between $900-$2600. Additionally, the DMV assessed NOTS points are visible to your insurance carrier. At renewal, your auto insurance will likely double or triple its premiums if they decide to retain you. 

Contrarily, if speeding less than 100 mph, the minimum base fine is $35.00. The driver does not have to go to court except to challenge their ticket unless it’s 25 or over in a county that makes that a mandatory appearance (which is always advisable). You will not have your driving privileges suspended after a single speeding conviction, you will only get assessed one point on your MVR, and you might be eligible to go to traffic violator’s school. Note, the minimum fine is the ticket fine alone; there are still the ten state and county surcharges that will raise the total fine to a minimum of $238. 

Consulting a Traffic Attorney Who Handles Barstow, CA, Speeding Over 100 Tickets Is Favorable

Retaining counsel is your right, and it is the right decision. Consult a traffic ticket attorney for advice on challenging the ticket. Many factors play into fighting your ticket. Were you speeding due to an emergency? How did the police target you? Coming back for court can be inconvenient and more costly. An attorney can make that appearance for you. 

With all these factors to consider once you receive your ticket for speeding over 100 mph, your best option is to retain the services of an attorney who handles traffic tickets in Barstow, CA. 

An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will tell your story and fight your battle with more eloquence and fluency than you have the ability to do. Plus, they are familiar with the techniques used by LEOs that might not be totally correct.  Do the right thing for yourself and call a traffic ticket attorney now.

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