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Improving your Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) and Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores does not have to be painful. It’s like Ben Franklin said in his Farmer’s Almanac, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  

That underlying philosophy has stood the test of time. Whenever precaution is used, in most cases, it will usually prevent significant crises. Even though there’s no method to accurately predict and avert 100% of incidents that can lead to assessed CSA points and time weights that will leave a blemish on your PSP; maintaining your vehicle, checking your record, and challenging everything that could tarnish your data with a traffic ticket attorney will go a long way in preventing such a crisis. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

A daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR) is a requirement before you hit the road or continue the trip after an overnight. Identifying minor problems in the yard can prevent significant issues on the road. When you come to a roadside inspection, and you do not have a completed DVIR, you will get assessed four CSA points. Then, they will inspect, and everything you missed by not checking will be rung up and added to that.

The CSA point totals for brakes, light & reflectors, and tires can add up very quickly. 

Verify Your Data

A good rule of thumb is to verify the information on your PSP through DataQs every six months. Since fleet managers are using the PSP screen to hire whom they consider “safe drivers,” a simple check to ensure any data contained in your file is, in fact, yours, is another preventive measure you can use to keep undeserved scars off your record.

When you discover an item that is not yours, or something that should have already been removed because of time or an appeal, submit a Request for Data Review (RDR) to get your driving record updated to reflect your status accurately.

Challenge Everything that Could Negatively Affect Your CSA Score & PSP

Sure, it’s easy enough for anyone standing on the outside to tell a driver, obey the law, don’t speed or tailgate, and so forth. However, when a driver sits for hours at the loading dock and then gets stuck in traffic, that looming deadline might lead many drivers to ask, “How can I get this load there on time?”

When unfortunate choices or unwarranted citations occur, you need the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney to challenge that, often in court. As you know, in CA, when an accident investigator assigns you responsible for anything more substantial than zero percent for an accident this will lead to a DMV assessment of 1.5 points, which will affect your CSA score as well. A traffic lawyer can sometimes investigate and dispute those findings.

They can also dispute how the CHP determined you were speeding. Radar guns must get calibrated periodically, and law enforcement officers must be adequately trained.     

The bottom line is when you have an “alleged” violation, contact a traffic ticket attorney that handles traffic incidents like tickets and roadside inspection shortcomings in Truckee, CA.  

Traffic Ticket Attorneys Who Handle Issues for CDL Holders in Truckee, CA

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The FMCSA DataQs website

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