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Most people believe it is the teenagers who get the most speeding tickets. However, the truth is drivers between 30 and 49 who make over $75,000 a year get more tickets than their teen counterparts. What’s more, when they get convicted or pay the fine for that speeding ticket, their premium increase is, on average, more than a teen’s.

Always Challenge Your Speeding Ticket or Ask an Attorney

Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone that the category most likely to affect how much you pay is your driving record, it would seem that getting convicted of a speeding ticket would affect everyone similarly. That is not the case, according to Auto Guide.

Even though insurers check on young drivers more frequently than older drivers, the 30 to 49 age group statistically gets more speeding tickets. You would think by that age; they would be smart enough to hire an attorney to get their ticket reduced or dismissed.

Although it’s never a sure thing, you stand a 100% better chance of getting a dismissal when you dispute a ticket than you do when you pay the fine. When you pay your fine, there is only one outcome: guilty. However, when you hire an attorney, there is a good chance the traffic court judge will reduce the charge or dismiss it entirely to keep it from going to trial.

Despite only five percent or so of ticket recipients challenging their tickets, traffic courts are notoriously overbooked. A knowledgeable traffic attorney will typically write a request for dismissal or request for a no-point conviction. Many traffic court judges believe that the auto insurance industry already gets too much profit from drivers. They would rather see the county treasury get the revenue than take a chance the law enforcement officer (LEO) does not show up because of other duties or the speeding ticket gets dismissed in court on a technicality.

Risk Categories that Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Besides age, gender, and income, insurance providers look at several other categories. These categories include the zip code where you park, how far your drive back and forth to work or school, marital status, years driving, claims, vehicle type, deductibles, coverage, and others.

However, in CA, the insurers can no longer consider your credit history thanks to Proposition 103, and they must give a “good driver’s discount” to those drivers with a good driving record during the previous three years. Regardless of insurance coverage, as long as they had a valid driver’s license during that period they qualify.

Therefore, when you get a speeding ticket, and you are not eligible to attend Traffic Violators School (TVS) to mask the conviction or paid fine from your auto insurance provider, you could see a rise in premiums. Always discuss traffic tickets with an attorney before you decide to pay or dispute it in court.

Attorneys Who Handle a Mojave, Kern County Speeding Ticket

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