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Don’t Let This Happen to You

Although this story’s events are fictional, the facts discussed about a 100+ speeding ticket are genuine. You do not want to be in this predicament, but if it does happen to you, stay calm, treat the law enforcement officer (LEO) with respect, do not admit guilt, and don’t give the LEO a reason to remember you when your court date rolls around.

The LEO who pulled you over is highly likely wearing a body camera. When you admit guilt or disrespect his authority, you will make it more difficult for your lawyer at that court appearance.

The CHP working Highway 395 on the eastside generates a lot of tickets for courts including Mono or Inyo County Traffic Court in Bishop, Independence, Bridgeport, or Mammoth. Hiring a local traffic law professional to handle your case is one way to avoid the additional expense of taking time off from work and traveling.

Our Fateful Trip to Bodie Ghost Town

My girlfriend and I, and two of our friends heard about Bodie Ghost Town and wanted to check it out. We had been cooped up for the last couple of months, and now that things were opening up a little, we thought it an excellent opportunity.

We rented a two-bedroom cabin on June Lake, packed a couple of coolers with food and drinks, and headed out from our home in Los Angeles. We decided to drive across 178 to I-395 up to June Lake. According to my dad, it’s about a four and one-half hour trip.

We figured to spend the night at June Lake, and then take the hour-long drive up to Bodie in the morning. Everything went fine on the way up, and the cabin was comfortable. It was only a stone’s throw to the lake; we loved it.

Early the next morning, we went up to Bodie. If you’ve never been, that place is impressive. There’s still beer bottles on the bar and books on the school desks. If it weren’t for the age of some of the buildings and dust piled up, you’d swear the people just went out somewhere and forgot to come back.

A Wonderful Weekend Turns South with a 100+ Speeding Ticket

We had a great time and stayed another night in June. Well, somewhere between Bishop and Big Pine on I-395, we got pulled over for speeding. The LEO clocked us at 102 mph. He said we would get a notification in the mail and we would have to come back to Bishop for trial.

He said the fine is usually between $900 and $2,500 with all the surcharges, fees, and penalties. He said that if I were convicted, the DMV would assess two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points on my driving record and that could double or triple my auto insurance.

That one would hurt because I already pay nearly $2,500 a year for full coverage since I’m only 20. What’s more, the LEO said the judge could suspend my license for 30 days automatically.

What would I do without a license? I have to drive to and from work, and we just started back. What am I going to say, “Sorry, boss, I need another month off because I lost my license.”?

After the LEO left, I called my dad. He said we’d call Bigger & Harman when I get back, and he’d tell me about his dismissal on a 100+ speeding ticket out in Mojave without stepping foot in court. Then he said, “Take your time getting back; there’s no hurry!”

The Consequences of a First-Time 100+ Speeding Ticket, Once Again

The above scenario is made-up, but the consequences of a 100+ speeding ticket conviction are real.

First, there’s the mandatory court appearance, at or near where you were stopped. Then, if you’re convicted, the fine could be more than $900. Subsequent convictions could increase the penalty to nearly $2,500. The DMV will assess two NOTS points, which is halfway to a six-month suspension, and there’s no Traffic Violators School eligibility for it.

Whenever your insurance company sees it at renewal, they could double or triple your premium price, which could easily be tens of thousands of dollars. And, speaking of suspensions, the judge can take your driving privileges for 30 days. You will need a knowledgeable and experienced traffic attorney.

Traffic Attorneys Who Can Handle Your 100+ Speeding Ticket in Owens Valley

When you need assistance with a 100+ speeding ticket in Bishop, Bridgeport, Independence, or Mammoth, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We have a reputation of excellence due to our decade-long practice only in traffic law. We have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience that many attorneys who do not specialize in traffic law could not. Because we spend so much time in traffic court, we hear the results of many hearings, which we use to help you resolve yours.



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