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Don’t Let This Be Your Story

Well, it’s Monday morning again. The weekend sped by, and as gloomy as Mondays always are, this one’s even worse considering the speeding ticket you got over the weekend.

You moped around the office, feeling sorry for yourself until break time. All you could think about was that cop telling you that 100+ speeding was a mandatory court appearance. You were sitting in the breakroom when one of your colleagues asked what’s wrong. So, you tell her your story, and she said, “You should call Bigger & Harman. That’s what I did; I was ticketed for going 102 over in Mojave one weekend. They were able to get my speeding ticket reduced to exceeding the speed limit in a 65 mph zone. Don’t ask me how. I know I sure didn’t ask.”

“I was looking at a 30-day suspension of my license. Imagine being stuck with no license in Mojave. That would be like solitary confinement in itself! Then, there’s the possibility of a $2,500 fine or something. But they said the worst part was the two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points the DMV would give me. When your insurance finds out, they can double or triple your premium for up to seven years, which could amount to over $10,000.”

“I was seriously bumming because I am on my parents’ insurance, and we couldn’t afford an increase like that. They said there was no guarantee, but they might be able to get it reduced, which they did. They kept me informed throughout the process. Give ‘em a call, girl. What do you have to lose?”

More Pep in Your Step on Tuesday

So, when you got home Monday night, you sent them an email, fearing you might lose it if you had to discuss that speeding ticket with someone you don’t know, even if that is their job. You were pleasantly surprised to get a reply so quickly. The best part is that their fee was a lot less than you had thought it would be. Plus, they said it was a flat fee, and it wouldn’t change regardless of how many times they had to go to court to resolve the ticket.

On Monday, you were dragging around the office like your life was ending, now you have some hope. If you could get the results Sally got from these traffic lawyers, there might be a reason for hope.

Six Weeks Later, Paul Called about Your Speeding Ticket Dismissal

When Mr. Harman announced the good news about a dismissal, you could hardly believe it. You thanked him and everyone in their office, and hung up with a perpetual smile on your face.

Although this is not a factual occurrence, the story is similar to many of the 100+ mph speeding tickets we receive. We cannot always get a dismissal or reduced charge, but we will always give your ticket our best effort.

Click on this link to download our free pamphlet, 4 Unknown Consequences of Driving Over 100 MPH. Or, send it to a friend who may need it.

Consult a Traffic Attorney Who Can Handle Your Speeding Ticket

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Liz G’s parents from San Leandro, CA, posted this on Yelp, My 19-year-old daughter was traveling along 5 to Los Angeles. She was pulled over clocked at 106 mph. This firm handled every aspect from paperwork to court hearings. They fought the speeding ticket and won! I have complete trust and confidence in this law firm! If you’re pulled over and want an opportunity to walk away with zero points added to your driving record HIRE THEM! What are you waiting for! They also communicate throughout the entire process with positive information delivered by the attorneys themselves. Completely thankful I found these guys!”


CA Vehicle Code 22348, Speed Laws

The 2020 CA Driver Handbook.pdf

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