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5 Myths/Reasons to Consider Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Just the fact that driving is your livelihood should be enough to convince any CDL holder to consult a traffic ticket attorney. Before you make a final decision about paying a fine or challenging a ticket, ask an attorney.

However, many drivers, both novice and experienced, believe the lies they have heard in cafes, truck stops, and barbershops. The top five myths are often believable: it’s too expensive, fleet management will handle it, a traffic ticket attorney can’t go to court for me, they can’t get it dismissed, or they can’t get a no-point conviction. The facts show these are usually not true.

Some traffic ticket attorneys who spend a lot of time in traffic court know how each judge rules and what legal verbiage to use in requests for dismissal or reductions. At the very least, you should keep your options open and discuss every violation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney.  

#1 — It’s too Expensive

This is usually not true. Even a $240 or $250 fine comes with increased insurance that is often more than an attorney will charge. Some traffic ticket attorneys will charge by the hour or by the number of court appearances they must make. Bigger and Harman in Bakersfield provide a no-cost, no-obligation phone consult. That means you can call them to discuss your ticket. It won’t cost anything unless you both agree your best option is to hire them to resolve your ticket.

When you pay the fine, you are admitting guilt, and most fleet managers have a zero-tolerance towards moving violations. They’re afraid their fleet insurance will go up, and their CSA score or a higher SMS percentile will cause an inspection.

#2 — Fleet Management Will Handle it, I Don’t Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Many novice drivers believe if they just leave it to fleet management or go to court themselves and explain what happened, everything will be fine. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fleet management is not going to track your ticket. 

What’s more, if you fail to appear (FTA), the bench warrant will not get issued in the fleet manager’s name, it is on you. Your best option is to consult a traffic ticket attorney to avoid a possible conviction. 

#3 — A Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Go to Court for You

In almost every case, a traffic ticket attorney can appear in court on your behalf for an infraction. Misdemeanors and felonies will often require your appearance. However, using a traffic ticket attorney could allow you to get a wobbler misdemeanor offense, such as an overweight truck reduced to an infraction or dismissed entirely. Always consult a traffic attorney. 

#4 — A Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Get Your Ticket Dismissed

A traffic ticket attorney spends the bulk of their time in traffic court. When they are not in traffic court defending clients and hearing all the other cases brought, they are in their office writing requests for dismissal. They know the exact wording in the traffic code the judge needs to read to dismiss a ticket.  

#5 — A Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Get a Reduced No-Point Violation

Traffic courts are often overcrowded. When approached by a traffic ticket attorney with a request to downgrade a ticket to a non-moving violation,  oftentimes judges are willing to accept a lesser charge.  Because the ticketed client agrees to plead guilty to a non-moving violation, it frees up court time, the county gets the revenue, and the trucker keeps their job.

You might still pay a fine, but there are no points, thus no record of a conviction. CDL holders cannot afford to get moving violations on their Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) record. A clean record means better opportunities for employment with higher-paying firms. Talk it over with a traffic ticket attorney. 

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