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Many bus or truck fleet managers and returning Veterans don’t know the advantages of recruiting Veterans to fill driving fleet shortages. What’s more, many of the programs offered apply to both former military truck and bus drivers.

Returning Veterans often find it difficult finding a job upon returning home. Belonging to a bus or truck fleet can be just the community of brothers and sisters they miss from the military. But what are the actual benefits for a bus or trucking firm?

Truck Fleets Get a Driver in the Seat Quicker

Whether the prior military person you are recruiting was a driver in the service or not, a bus or truck fleet can benefit from a Veteran’s discipline and the possible GI Bill eligibility. If you learn nothing else in the military, you will learn how to stick to a regimen, and they instill discipline. 

Honorably discharged Veterans are typically entitled to the GI Bill benefit. That means, their tuition is paid, and most will receive an allotment for housing from the Veterans Administration, making it that much easier for them to concentrate on studying. However, since trucking school is only four to eight weeks, the driver might not receive it until later, as it will take a while to process the paperwork. But the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be sitting behind the wheel of a truck or bus again, and earning a paycheck. 

Also, Veterans are used to being away from home during training and on missions, getting people and equipment where it needs to be on time, and with little or no supervision.  Veterans and bus or truck fleet managers can find more information on the VA Education and Training website.  

Additionally, the FMCSA’s Military Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Act of 2012 contains provisions for waiving some tests within one year of discharge and providing skills tests to active duty stationed within their state. That state then provides the home state with the results as part of their CLP/CDL licensing process. 

The state of CA offers the Troops to Trucks Program, which waives some portions of the CDL process for former military truck and bus drivers. 

These are the requirements to waive the road test for military drivers with two or more years of comparable vehicle driving in the military within the year previous to discharge:

  1. A safe driving history
  2. A valid license outside the military during the previous two years
  3. No violation that would preclude eligibility for a CDL

To get started, make an appointment with the local DMV field office or fleet manager.  

Traffic Attorneys Who Regularly Practice in Riverside    

Former military who might have current legal issues or issues remaining from before they went into the military, such as a failure to appear or pay (FTA/FTP) or a suspended or revoked license should call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español 661.349.9755.

We can help you clear the FTA and possibly get old charges dismissed or reduced so that you can begin a program to become a CDL driver for a bus or truck fleet. Many of our state's judges and judicial system personnel are anxious to assist returning Veterans. Moreover, we are as well. Give us a call to discuss your situation. 

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