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Autonomous trucking has received a lot of notice recently. Even though industry experts do not believe autonomous trucks will replace drivers any time soon, it is a hot topic. We at Bigger & Harman obviously prefer real human drivers. However, many experts expect large trucking firms to use these self-driven trucks to reduce shipping costs, boost supply chain effectiveness, and work together with other trucks in a sort of platoon configuration on long-hauls. A platoon configuration could assist these big firms with driver shortages.

The trucking industry has a shortage of somewhere around 48-50,000 drivers. There are currently around 800,000 drivers where the average age is 59. There will still be a need for a driver in the truck for tasks such as non-highway driving, loading platform negotiation, severe weather conditions which prohibit autonomous trucking, and other essential human tasks.

Alexander Potter, a Piper Jaffray & Co analyst says, “Arguably, it’s irrelevant to talk about whether robot drivers will replace humans. Many drivers cannot be displaced. They do much more than just drive.” These trucks used together with trucks driven by humans will get integrated into a convoy to reduce drag, which will save fuel overall. Perhaps, they can use that saved money to pay truckers more.

Autonomous Trucking Uses

Autonomous platooned trucks could also be used to spell drivers during breaks and extend their driving time. While trucking in a platoon formation, a driver approaching the eight hour maximum driving time without a break could take a 30-minute break off-duty in the sleeper while an inexperienced co-driver takes the wheel with the autonomous system activated.

This strategy accomplishes two tasks, giving the primary driver their break and giving the novice driver hours “behind the wheel.” Could this driver be an unlicensed driver with a commercial learner’s permit (CLP)? That question might need to get answered by the FMCSA, as it would seem an actual body, even one with only a permit, is just as safe as an autonomous truck. Plus, the onboard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will enable the inexperienced driver to gain driving time in a controlled setting while the primary driver takes a break.

Regardless of how trucking companies decide to use autonomous trucking in their firm, the deployment of these vehicles could save lives and lower transportation costs. However, they will do little to decrease the number one concern of truckers, and that is traffic tickets.

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Although we can’t promise every driver a no-point violation or dismissal of their ticket, we always give our best effort.

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