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In this article, we discuss the top five roadside inspection violations at the Donner Pass Truckee, CA, weigh station. The top five violations are lights & reflectors, brakes, form & manner or log not current, tires, and medical issues.   

#1 Roadside Inspection Issue – Lights and Reflectors

Light and reflectors make up more than one-quarter (twenty-eight percent) of roadside inspection violations. Light violations are six CSA points, and reflectors or reflective tape are three each. Doing a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), reporting mechanical shortcomings and carrying extra lightbulbs and fuses could prevent most of these. 

#2 Roadside Inspection Issue – Brakes

Another 25 percent of roadside inspection violations are brakes, more than 1 million got caught for brakes in 2018. Most were out of adjustment. Each violation is four CSA points. The primary prevention is once again the DVIR, proper training, and knowing when you need help. It takes two people to check the stroke correctly. 

#3 Roadside Inspection Issue – Form & Manner or Log Not Current

Another 25 percent of violations are log violations. Form & manner issues make up most of those despite most of the information being permanent on electronic logs e-logs. Form & manner violations are one CSA point each. However, a non-current log is five points. Logs need to be current as of your last duty status change. These violations will likely get less frequent as drivers develop a habit of updating their e-log.  

#4 Roadside Inspection Issue – Tires

Eleven percent of violations are for tires and ½ of those are because of tread depth. The inspector is likely not going to buy the tire tread wore off since you did the daily inspection. Drivers should know when tires need replacing and request it on the DVIR, and if the mechanic signs the DVIR saying the tires were good, it’s no longer legally your problem. Steering (front) tires must have 2/16th of an inch tread, and all others must have 1/16, which is pretty thin. Gauge the depth and gauge the air pressure.

#5 Roadside Inspection Issue – Medical Issues

Medical issues are not that common. However, it is a ten-point violation to drive while ill or fatigued. When you’re tired or ill, pullover, get some medicine, and take a rest. You will be fortunate to get CSA points rather than in an accident.  

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