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An Out-of-Town Ticket Can Be More than just Inconvenient!

Getting a traffic ticket while visiting Cali from another state or even an out-of-town ticket issued to someone from Northern CA driving in SoCal, Central or Owens Valley, can be more than inconvenient because CA counties maintain jurisdiction so that they will get the revenue from the fine.

The gift that keeps on giving is the inconvenience and added expense of traveling back to the county where you received the out-of-town ticket if you wish to plead not guilty, keep your record clear, avoid Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points and maintain your already too expensive auto insurance premiums.

Arraignment for an Out-of-Town Ticket

You will likely need to clear two days from your schedule depending on the court’s calendar. At your arraignment in one of the Owens Valley traffic courts (this will be stated on your court reminder) such as Independence or Bishop, you will need to wait for your case to be called and enter a not guilty plea. If there are only a few cases, you can present your case immediately, but if the court’s docket is crowded or you are not prepared, you will need to select another date to come back to present your challenge to the state’s claim that you violated the traffic law.

Don’t Let This Be Your Story  

Let’s say you were driving from Reno, NV, to Bishop in Owens Valley California on Interstate 395 or I-395. You could have flown into Mammoth Airport, but the thought of driving through the scenic area, your old stomping grounds, was too exciting to pass up. 

You were talking to your sister on the cell phone, maybe you were going a little over the speed limit and you missed a stop sign. Truthfully, you were distracted by your conversation. It has been years since you were home and talking to your sister just got all the emotions of the holidays flowing. 

Suddenly, you notice the lights and hear the siren. You quickly tell your sister you will call her back and pull over. The Inyo County cop is polite but seems a little irritated. He says you were going 92 mph in a 65-mph speed zone, using a handheld cell phone while driving, you ran a stop sign and you were not wearing a seat belt. He issued you four violations and then adds you can pay online, or he will see you in Bishop Traffic Court, probably early next year. He (somewhat ironically) wishes you a Happy Holidays and returns to his cruiser. 

What Can I Do?

When you get to your sister’s house, you tell her what happens. She does some research online and says you are facing an almost $1000 fine, and at least two NOTS points, which will raise your insurance significantly. You tell her you can’t afford that and the increased insurance. She says, “Call Bigger & Harman from Bakersfield. My friend says they are the best traffic ticket lawyers in the state.” She said they sometimes practice traffic law here and if they can’t, they can get one of their associates to represent you.   

Resolving an Out-of-Town Ticket in Inyo or Mono County 

Getting an out-of-town ticket in Owens Valley while traveling I-395 on a Mammoth ski trip or visiting any of the fantastic destinations in Mono or Inyo County will likely require a trip to Traffic Court in Bishop, Independence, Mammoth, or Bridgeport. However, we can take the pain and inconvenience out of an out-of-town ticket.   

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, for assistance and advice when you decide on challenging your ticket in court. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755. Although we hope you never have a traffic ticket problem such as the one depicted here, if you do, give us a call. We can’t always get a dismissal or a reduced no-point result, but our success rate in traffic court is very good because we only practice traffic law.  

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