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The best opportunity you have to save money on insurance, and it can be a substantial amount, as much as $1500, is before you pay that traffic ticket. Or, instead of paying the ticket, challenge it! It is essential to always consult a traffic lawyer before paying the fine.

How California Traffic Law Works

When you have a traffic ticket for a minor infraction, such as speeding 1-24 mph over the limit, running a stop sign, an unsafe turn or another safety-related ticket, a conviction or paid fine will get assessed by DMV one Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) point. The same is true if law enforcement finds you even partially responsible for a vehicle accident.

Major infractions, such as speeding 100+, misdemeanors and felonies get assessed two NOTS points. Speeding 25 mph or more over the speed limit, but less than 100, must obtain approval from a traffic court judge. Once again, you should always consult a traffic ticket lawyer before paying the fine.

Traffic Violators School (TVS)

When you have a TVS eligible traffic ticket, you can voluntarily attend and keep your conviction/paid fine confidential. Therefore, if you pay your fine, pay the county for the privilege to attend TVS and complete it within the court-ordered timeframe, your traffic ticket will not be public information. Which means, your insurance company and employer (unless you were driving a CMV) will not see it.

So, which tickets are eligible for TVS? The following circumstances will make you ineligible to attend TVS:

  • No valid CA driver’s license (DL)
  • You were driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV)
  • There is a mandatory court appearance tied to your ticket
  • The ticket was drug or alcohol-related
  • Speeding 100+ mph, a misdemeanor or felony traffic ticket
  • Speeding 25 or more mph over the limit must get a judge’s approval
  • You used TVS to mask a traffic ticket within the past 18 months

Usually, the court reminder will state whether you are eligible for TVS and your completion date. However, keep in mind attendance for “fix-it” tickets, cell phone and other non-moving violations does not benefit the driver except to remind them of some defensive driving tips they may have forgotten.

How Insurance Companies Determine How Much You Will Pay

Insurance companies consider several factors to determine how much they will charge you for auto insurance. Each company has a different metrics, and each company weighs those measures differently. Some companies may place more importance on how far you travel to and from work than where you live.

Other factors include gender, age, marital status, deductibles, full coverage or compulsory coverage only and above all, your driving record. That is why you should look around, compare prices and more importantly, ask a traffic ticket attorney before you decide to pay the fine.

Got a Traffic Ticket in Mono County?

When you get a traffic ticket on I-395 in Bridgeport or Mammoth in Mono County, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755. We represent drivers with speeding tickets too fast for TVS, 100+ mph, red light and stop sign tickets and many others.

Owens Valley is a beautiful tourist area. Unfortunately, that makes it more difficult for residents because of increased law enforcement. However, many who got speeding tickets on the way to Mammoth for a ski vacation find themselves coming back for traffic court.

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The 2018 CA Driver Handbook .pdf

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