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Speeding Through the California Desert

Do you know how easy it is to get a speeding ticket on California desert highways? Many California drivers use desert highways daily. With so much traffic through these areas, billboards and radio announcers warn drivers to watch their speed to avoid a speeding ticket.

The Ease of Receiving a Speeding Ticket

Portions of I-15 and Highway 58 across the Mojave Desert are 70 mph speed zones, and it is very easy to get a speeding ticket along these stretches without even realizing you had exceeded the speed limit. You may start out driving 70 mph, but soon find you're driving 75 mph due to the myth that law enforcement officers (LEO) won't pull you over for doing a few miles over the speed limit. Then you accelerate to pass a car or truck doing 55 or 60 mph, and before you know it, you receive a speeding ticket for 85, 90 or even 100 mph.

Methods to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

It did not have to end that way, though. Some ways to avoid speeding include: leaving with plenty of time to arrive at your destination on time, paying close attention to the speedometer, using your cruise control and making it a point to drive a little bit under the speed limit in case you get distracted.

There are multiple methods LEO can determine your speed. They may use radar, laser guns, pacing or aircraft and a CHP cruiser on the ground. Although laser is becoming more popular and thought to be more accurate, there are technicalities which could get your ticket dismissed when using these means of determining your speed. These include: if the calibration is not up-to-date, the LEO was not trained on the device or an aircraft alone was used to determine your vehicle’s identity and speed. Especially on crowded highways, it may be difficult to establish which white, late-model sedan was the one speeding.

Could This Be Your Story?

No matter how much you tried observing your speed, you wound up getting a speeding citation on highway 58, sometimes called The Barstow-Mojave Highway. It was a delightful day, and you were taking in the view and enjoying yourself. Deserts in California often have old mining camps, Joshua trees and high mountains. This fantastic scenery can be very distracting.

You weren't paying much attention to your speed and wound up going a bit faster than you anticipated — the next thing you know, you're seeing flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. As most drivers would do, you glance down at the speedometer and realize you were going 95 or 96 mph.

After pulling you over, the LEO informs you he clocked you on Radar going 102 mph. Although you only saw yourself going 90 something, you choose not to say anything so as not to admit guilt. You were told to appear in court at the Mojave, CA courthouse due to a mandatory court appearance. That certainly took away your good mood.

Traffic Attorneys Can Ease the Pain of a Speeding Ticket in Barstow Traffic Court

Even though it may seem like the beginning of your legal difficulties, a traffic ticket attorney can appear in court for you. A traffic lawyer can also request dismissal, subpoena lidar and radar calibration records, as well as summons the LEO and their training records on the device used to issue your ticket.

So, the next time you wind up with a citation driving through the Barstow-Mojave, before pleading guilty or paying the fine, consider a traffic ticket attorney. The process is simple and can provide the much-needed help in a time of trouble.

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