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It’s well known in the trucking industry that finding drivers for truck fleets has gotten more difficult over the past five years. As the large generation of younger Baby Boomers are now in their 50s and 60s, their declining health and upcoming retirement is creating large gaps in the number of qualified experienced drivers. The demand for drivers has only risen, so these drivers not only need to be replaced, but additional drivers found. 

Veterans to the Rescue

There are plenty of veterans who might be happy to drive for your company. Over 200,000 new veterans return each year to civilian life after serving in the US Armed Forces. In 2017, those who came back with no jobs, combined with the those already here without one, totaled over 370,000 US veterans in need of a job. Of that number, 63% were 18-54 years old: viable ages for driving in the California trucking industry. 

Not only are they in vast supply, but veterans have many qualities that make them desirable candidates for new hires. Due to their rigorous physical training, long days, command structure and mission mindedness, veterans as employees have built-in dedication, great problem-solving skills, and a powerful work ethic. They also work well independently. Many military vets have already driven heavy trucks or have experience with commercial fleets. In many cases, they’re trained in mechanical and diesel repair. These new hires have already been vetted by the federal government and honorably discharged. Veterans who drove heavy trucks and machinery in the service might still need their CDL. Having already trained with the military, these veterans typically do very well in easily earning their CDL. Additionally, vets who pass the Military Skills Test can get a waiver for the CDL course and driving test. All they would have to do is pass the written exam for their CDL.

Hiring a Vets for Your Truck Fleets Can Save Money

When trucking companies are hurting for hires, they often bite the bullet to pay all or part of the CDL training and fees for potential drivers. This can be a risk and an additional expense. Hiring a veteran often pays off just because of their current ability to pay for their training through their government benefits. Finally, there are a couple more ways to save money hiring a veteran.  If the vet to hire is inexperienced, you can take them on as an apprentice trainee at half the regular vet pay and be reimbursed or compensated for loss of production as well as for any tools or equipment used during training. Once the vet becomes a full-fledged employee, the company hiring them may take advantage of tax incentives such as: Returning Heroes, Wounded Warriors and/or the Work Opportunity Tax Credits. These three credits could add up to over $9K per year.

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