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Speeding 100+ in the Mojave

Even if you are not normally a high-speed driver, it can be easy to get carried away when driving in the Mojave. A straight-shot and open skies can tempt you to challenge the horsepower under your hood, letting those horses run free for a change. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Kern County and the traffic officers are ready to rein in speeders, especially those speeding 100+ through Mojave. If you get pulled over and are handed a speeding 100+ ticket, you need to consider your options. 

Mojave Speeding 100+ Tickets

If you think you can walk into the Mojave court on your own with a good excuse and get your ticket reduced, you may be in for a rude awakening. The Mojave court handles 100+ speeding infractions routinely and the judges have heard every excuse in the book. Regardless of your prior record, you could very well be facing serious consequences for your high-speed drive. According to CVC 22348, even first-time offenders speeding 100+ can have a fine of up to $500 ($900 to $2500 with fees and assessments) and the possibility of their license suspended up to 30 days. If it is not your first offense, you can be facing higher fines and license suspension. 

It is not just the fines and license suspension that can impact you if you are convicted of a speeding 100+ offense. You may be facing higher insurance premiums for many years, with two points added to your license for seven years. Any additional points you incur over the next seven years can put you in jeopardy of losing your license under the Negligent Operator Treatment System or NOTS

Mojave Traffic Attorney in Kern County

Do not jeopardize your license without a fight. If you receive a speeding 100+ ticket in Kern County while driving in the Mojave, hire an experienced traffic attorney to fight your case. Often judges are quick to hand out high fines and license suspensions to offenders that walk into the courtroom without representation. Our team at Bigger & Harman, APC understands the best options to fight speeding 100+ tickets in Kern County and surrounding areas to get the best results for your case. 

If you are facing high fines and license suspensions for a speeding 100+ ticket in the Mojave Desert, contact our team at Bigger & Harman for a free consultation. Use our contact page on our website or call us at 661.349.9300. 


California Vehicle Code 22348

California NOTS

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