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How Much Do Speeding 100-Tickets Cost

The Four Categories of Speeding

There are four categories of speeding in CA, and each has a different fine, but a speeding 100+ mph ticket has a few special consequences that the other three do not have. Those ramifications can be a lot costlier than the fine you pay just one time.

Fines and Consequences for Categories One-Three

When you are convicted or just pay the fine on a 1-15 mph over the speed limit ticket, the base fine is $35.00 or $70.00 in construction or school zones, when there are signs posted and workers/children present. However, the state and counties have allowed surcharges, assessments, and fees that will bring the total to approximately $230-250, depending on the county or $350-375 for a construction zone.

A 16-25 mph over the speed limit conviction will cost around $360 except in a construction or school zone where it could cost you about $520. And, 26 mph or more over the speed limit, but less than 100 mph will cost $480-550 and in a construction/school zone is approximately $600. Many of these fines are double what a minimum wage worker earns in a week.

After your conviction or when you pay the fine, DMV will assess one NOTS point for any of these tickets. In most cases, you are eligible to attend traffic school if you haven’t used it for a ticket in the previous 18 months. Likewise, if you weren’t driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), or if your ticket was 25+ mph over the limit, traffic school must be approved by a traffic court judge, and normally that only will happen if your ticket does not require a mandatory court appearance.

Traffic school does not dismiss your ticket, and you will have to pay your fine and a fee to attend traffic school, plus pay the attendance fee, but completion can keep your ticket confidential, so your insurance premiums will not rise. It would be advisable to consult with a traffic ticket attorney whenever you get a traffic ticket.

The Fine and Other Consequences of Speeding 100+ MPH

So, you thought the fine for those other three categories of speeding were expensive? They were, but a speeding 100+ mph conviction will cost between $900 and $2500 just for the fine, depending on the county and the traffic court judge.

Then, after your conviction, DMV will assess two NOTS points, which is half of the total you can have in one year before a suspension. The real problem with that assessment lies with the fact that you cannot attend traffic school and when your insurance company finds out about your conviction at your next renewal, the price will likely double or triple. CA is a mandatory insurance state, but no laws require an insurance company to keep you as a customer or charge you an affordable price for insurance.

If you have money to burn and don’t care about the rising cost of insurance, the worst consequence for speeding 100+ mph is the 30-day license suspension given under CA Vehicle Code 22348, Speed Laws “The court may also suspend the privilege of the person to operate a motor vehicle for a period not to exceed 30 days…” In fact, many judges in Kern County insist on a suspension if you represent yourself and just enter a guilty plea.

The Residual Effects of a Speeding Ticket

The result of many speeding 100+ mph speeding tickets is financial ruin. Imagine paying two or three times what you are now for auto insurance, for up to seven years. Say you’re paying $1500 annually, with a $2000 fine, the total price you will pay for a conviction will be almost $4000 the first year, just using the figure of your insurance doubling to $3000 a year. You’re looking at nearly $9000 in increased insurance premiums alone over that seven-year period the conviction will stay on your driving record.

Many believe these extravagant fines indirectly lead to financial ruin for many Californians. They can’t afford the fine, so they just fail to pay/FTP or fail to appear in court or both, the court adds another fine for FTP/FTA, and then after a time add $300 civil penalty for not paying their fines. Eventually, DMV suspends their license, and the downward spiral escalates rather quickly if they get caught driving after suspension. If their vehicle is impounded, which is likely, they can add a towing charge of about $150 or more (unlike the mush smaller fee when you call the wrecker yourself), and $40-50 a day for storage. Before long, they can’t afford to get their car out, or their car is auctioned to pay the fines, and added expenses.

You Need to Discuss This with a Traffic Lawyer

When you receive a speeding 100+ mph ticket, you need legal advice pronto. This offense is a major infraction and will cost you thousands of dollars if convicted. Call Bigger & Harman for legal consultation, (661) 349-9300, or send an email:

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