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The truth is most defendants do not want to take the traffic ticket case to court. It’s much easier and less messy for the driver if the attorney can get the case dismissed without spending time in traffic court. In addition, in most cases, it does not matter if the driver is guilty or not. Most lawyers know that 90 percent of the people who come to them with speeding tickets were exceeding the speed limit, but if mistakes were made, they were entrapped, or the law enforcement officer (LEO) that issued the ticket does not show up in court, the ticket will be dismissed because our Constitution says you have the right to face your accuser.

Traffic Attorneys Must Make Deals

Even though only about five percent of drivers that have been issued tickets take their case to court, traffic courts are still congested and over booked, particularly in big cities. It’s frequently easier for traffic attorneys to make deals with the District Attorney or Traffic Commissioner. If the county gets their money, what difference does it make if the driver gets a non-moving violation rather than adding points to their driving record? The court, county, and state get their money and they freed up space on the crowded traffic court calendar and the attorneys are the heroes.

And so, it’s a big circle, more and more tickets are being issued because 95 percent just pay the fine and the states and counties need more money for their pet projects that they’ve linked to traffic tickets. It’s a big money machine. Why else would the county and state allow you to go to traffic school to keep your traffic violation conviction confidential from your insurance company? If they make it too difficult, more people might take their ticket to court rather than just paying the fine and accepting traffic school.

However, just paying the fine has a serious drawback for the driver and that is they just pleaded guilty and the conviction will remain on their driving record and/or criminal record depending on the infraction, misdemeanor, or felony charge.

Most people would think nothing of hiring an attorney and going to trial over a petty theft charge or any other misdemeanor, yet allow LEOs to accuse them of a traffic violation, which could mean a misdemeanor criminal record if convicted but dismiss it without hiring traffic attorneys, thinking It’s only “a traffic ticket.”

The High Cost of Convictions

Traffic attorneys sit in traffic courts across CA and wonder, “Just what was that person thinking?” They ask the judge to consider their income and agree to pay marginally smaller fines. In some cases, drivers are sitting there with $2,000 to $4,000 or more in fines and penalties and when the judge asks them if they considered hiring traffic attorneys, they shake their head and say, “No, your honor.” As if that is the natural and logical answer. Sure, just plead with the judge to reduce your fines and smile like you got a birthday present when they reduce your fines or withdraw civil penalties and Failure to Appear (FTA) assessments of a few hundred or even a thousand dollars, when traffic ticket attorneys regularly resolve those types of charges and penalties without you ever entering traffic court.

Old charges are easier for knowledgeable traffic ticket attorneys to get dismissed because of changes in traffic code and LEO transitions. If the LEO has retired or transferred to another precinct due to promotion or reduction, they will likely not come back for trial so your ticket will be dismissed.

Select the Best, Select Bigger & Harman, Central Valley Traffic Attorneys

Choose Bigger & Harman. I chose these traffic attorneys, Bigger & Harman because of what I read in a comment on Yelp, “I'm a truck driver. Mark Bigger told me from the very beginning that he would do his best to reduce my moving violation to a non-point violation… he then did exactly what he said he'd try to do and got it reduced to a zero points violation…” – Michael K., Reno NV.

Do not even consider just paying the fine without first taking advantage of the Bigger & Harman offer of a FREE phone consultation. Contact Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300. Or, send an email to For a confidential, no obligation appointment, use the website contact form.

Bigger & Harman are Central Valley neighborhood traffic ticket attorneys, who regularly represent clients with traffic tickets in traffic courts in Mojave, Shafter, Santa Clarita, Bakersfield, or Independence court houses in Tulare, Kings, Mono, Kern, Inyo, Fresno and other counties in Central Valley, as well as some SoCal counties, such as Riverside and LA County.

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