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Personal Vehicle Ticket And The CDLAnyone who holds a CDL in Riverside County CA knows that there is no such thing as a mere traffic ticket. The implications of a conviction even for minor infractions in a personal vehicle for a professional commercial driver can have a very negative impact on their lives and their livelihood for years to come, and here is why.

How a Ticket in Your Personal Vehicle Affects Your CDL

Professional drivers are held to a higher standard than a typical motorist, as the Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points is intensified for commercial drivers. Instead of being assessed 1 point for a minor infraction, a CDL holder is assessed 1.5.

What would be considered a minor infraction for regular drivers of 15 mph over the speed limit can have serious consequences both in the state of California and with the Federal Government’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), as two convictions of speeding 15 mph or more within three years can lead to a 60-day disqualification or out of service order and a third will require a 120-day disqualification. Although violations in a noncommercial motor vehicle (non-CMV) cannot be considered, if such a violation leads to a suspension or revocation, it will be. All CDL holders receiving a ticket for a moving violation are also evaluated according to California law that established the NOTS point system.

NOTS Points

The NOTS application for CDL holders is a process that begins when a driver has been assessed two or more points against their driving record. Level 1 triggers the issuance of a letter when their NOTS points are less than three. Level II is a warning letter regarding the potential suspension of the driver’s license and is activated at three NOTS points. Level III results in probation and a license suspension is initiated when the driver accumulates four NOTS points. The suspension is normally six months, with the probation running concurrently out to twelve months. Level IV is for drivers with 4 NOTS already under suspension or probation and receives another violation or traffic accident regardless of responsibility, which will result in additional suspension and probation time or revocation of the driver’s license, and of course more fines.

Although a CDL holder, who has a conviction in their personal vehicle may be allowed to attend traffic school, it only removes the DMV point, it does not mask the conviction. The employee often must notify their employer within 30 days and their employer will likely be notified by the DMV’s Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program, which notifies employers by mail automatically after an employee traffic ticket conviction or annually on their entry anniversary.

Traffic School in Riverside County, CA

A CDL holder may be ordered by a judge to complete traffic school; however, this will not help to mask a conviction or the DMV points from their employer or their insurance company if they were ticketed while driving a CMV.

The CDL holder may be given the option of attending the class at a physical location in Riverside County CA or enrolling in an authorized online training program that is officially accepted by the state.

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