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Can I-Get My DL-ReinstatedYou would think that if your DL was suspended for 30 days, you just wouldn’t be able to drive for 30 days and on the 31st day you get back behind the wheel; however, in CA, it doesn’t work that way. For whatever reason, your driver’s license (DL) was suspended or revoked you must apply and pay fees to get you DL reinstated in Tulare County or anywhere in CA.

Normally, you must pay a $125.00 reinstatement fee. The amount may vary depending on the reason your DL was suspended or revoked. When the individual is under 21 and their DL was suspended because of a zero-tolerance law, they must $100.00 to get their DL reinstated. That reinstatement fee is normally paid in person with check or money order at the closest DMV office.

You must apply to DMV for a new DL if your DL was revoked.

Additionally, they may be able to get a restricted license for driving only to and from work. Whether it's for work, official travel, or use to drive for a job application, you may be able to get a restricted DL, ask your local DMV. understanding how to have a DL reinstated is important for many parts of life.

How Do I Get My DL Reinstated?

The reasons behind having a driver’s license suspended in California are great indicators of how someone behaves behind the wheel. Sometimes, a license is suspended because they received four Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points because of traffic violation convictions or responsible traffic accidents. Other times, suspension arises from relatively serious infractions like failing to appear in court or failing to pay child support obligations. No matter the reason, the CA traffic court system has a set of protocols in place to make people who have suspended licenses aware of the importance of improving their driving behaviors.

The process for getting your CA DL reinstated is straightforward, but it can be stressful for some people. It involves completely satisfying fines and sentences for the actions which led to license suspension and/or various types of financial responsibilities or penalties. When these are properly done, and recorded in state records, it is entirely possible to regain full driver’s privileges, once you complete the paperwork and pay the fee.

Porterville Traffic Court

Let’s say, for example, you were ticketed for speeding over 100 mph out on SR 99 or 65 and decided to represent yourself in Tulare County in Porterville Courthouse. Well, things went a lot faster than you anticipated and you really didn’t get a chance to tell the judge the things you intended to tell him and the next thing you know the judge said, “Guilty, hand your DL to the bailiff you won’t be needing it for 30 days during the time your DL is suspended.” As you’re getting ready to hand over your DL and the $1100 dollars in fines, you think to yourself, “What just happened?”

it doesn't matter why a person had their license suspended. All previous penalties must be completed before applying to have a DL reinstated. Once all probationary periods and jail times are cleared, people can petition the CA DMV for a DL reinstatement. Even after serving your suspension or revocation, reinstatement of a driver’s license can take a long period of time and cost more money.

The reason why your DL was suspended is very important in having it reinstated. Suspension due to negligence requires serving a suspension and probation period under the NOTS program. Suspension due to mental and physical disorders requires a medical evaluation before you can get your DL reinstated. All other reasons require financial certificates from various CA public or private entities. If your DL was suspended because you did not have auto insurance at the time of an accident or other driving related violations you must provide proof of insurance, normally with the full amount paid in advance for the period of insurance and an SR-22, which is the proof of adequate insurance coverage.

Most drivers in Tulare County have their DL suspended for simple reasons. They can be as common as an unpaid child support or too many NOTS points. Having your DL suspended, however, places a lot of stress on people who rely on driving to travel to work, or to help family members. It is essential to consult with a traffic law attorney to learn about the process for having a suspended or revoked DL reinstated. An attorney's assistance is the surest way to have a DL reinstated quickly and to possibly mitigate the harshest fines.

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