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Police Radar MistakesIt is estimated that close to 112,000 people receive a speeding ticket every day, many from the information provided through a radar gun. This piece of law enforcement equipment is used to issue most speeding tickets in California, yet like any electronic device, it can fail or make errors. If you are pulled over for speeding in Kern County, the inaccuracy of radar guns could help you fight your ticket and keep it off your record.

How Police Radar Guns Work

Radio waves emitted from police radar guns at moving targets are the basis of calculating speed. Using a set frequency, the waves detect a difference in the movement speed of the target, called a Doppler shift. This change in frequency is calculated into speed through the computerized system.

Not all radar guns are the same or are used in the same manner. Different guns use various frequencies and stationary guns perform differently than moving radar. If the equipment is not calibrated or maintained as needed, it can give incorrect information. Also, operator error from the police officer can cause false readings that are used to issue speeding tickets.

Fighting a Radar Speeding Ticket

According to a study performed by Statistic Brain in 2016, of the 41 million speeding tickets issued each year, only about 5% are contested. Many people are content to pay their ticket and live with the consequences. However, if a radar gun was used, a good traffic lawyer will investigate the circumstances to uncover whether the radar gun or police officer may have made a mistake.

To help your case, there are a few things you can do when you are pulled over for a speeding ticket. First, take note of everything around you – the weather, traffic flow, signs, etc. Secondly, if the officer indicates he used radar, look on your citation to see if the type and model of gun is listed. If not, ask the officer to provide this information, but do so politely. Many people get in trouble because they challenge the officers authority by asking to see the radar or lidar. Sometimes this makes the case more difficult to fight. All these details can help your lawyer fight your speeding ticket, especially if it is possible that the radar gun did not work properly or was not used in the correct manner.

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