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Misdemeanor Trucker Violations That Will Cost YouLog Books

What many fail to realize about misdemeanor trucker violations is how easy it is to get one, in some instances. Imagine being subject to arrest, huge fines, employment termination, and even jail time for forgetting to bring your briefcase to work. But, that’s the way it is for truckers and some other commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. OK, what if you grabbed an old briefcase?

That’s right, it is a misdemeanor trucker violation for not carrying a log book or carrying an out-of-date log book. You can almost understand a criminal offense for the driver who falsifies the log book so they can drive longer. That makes it more hazardous to other drivers and property along the route they are driving.

Falsifying a log book is a deliberate attempt to make it look like you took a break you didn’t take, didn’t drive as many hours as drove, or slept, when in fact, you have been at the wheel for 18 or 20 hours straight with nothing holding your eyes open but caffeine and the blaring radio. This type of cooking the books is understandably illegal because of the potential harm involved when the driver of an 80,000-pound vehicle falls asleep behind the wheel. However, forgetting to log a 30-minute nap you took in the sleeper, should not lead to a criminal record.

Other Misdemeanor Trucker Violations

Misdemeanor drug or alcohol charges for drivers are about as taboo as it gets for someone who is trying to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL), better consider another occupation, or someone who already has one might need to start retraining. If you don’t have a CDL yet, a conviction could leave you in limbo for many years before a company will even give you a chance. Additionally, a conviction while you have a CDL could mean termination and many years before someone else will hire you.

There is a long list of other misdemeanor trucker violations that can cost thousands of dollars in fines, increased insurance premiums, and points against your license, such as:

· Improper endorsements or a lack of endorsement for the vehicle you are operating

· Failing to halt and submit your vehicle for inspection when required

· Driving without a license

· Driving with a revoked or suspended license

· Refusing to present your license

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