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Speeding 100MPH-Equals 900Speeding 100+MPH in California is not a very good idea as the laws for this are stiffer than anywhere else in the nation. You will be paying heavily for this activity and you will likely lose your driving privilege for 30-days without legal assistance. Here is a summary of what you will suffer for a speeding 100+MPH conviction in fines, fees, assessments, and other penalties.

Speeding 100+MPH on I-5

Did you know the most frequent speeding over 100 mph ticket in California is in a rental car traveling on I-5 North from LAX to San Francisco? That’s right, and guys like Matt Damon and LeBron James can attest to that as they have been the victims of that ticket. Although, LeBron was probably going south trying to get out of the Golden State after the Warriors beat down his Cavs. But, you shouldn’t worry too much about them as they can probably cover the fine and since they don’t have a CA license, it can’t be suspended. That would be up to their home state. And, let’s not forget Kylie Jenner, at the tender age of 16; however, she was in her own $125,000 G-Class Mercedes, with a now restricted CA driver’s license.

However, as a licensed CA driver, a speeding 100+mph ticket will cost you around $900 plus, after state and county fees, surcharges, and penalties. There are a lot of other things you could spend $900.00 on rather than donating it to the state of CA. If you get a second offense within 3 years, your fine will go up considerably and a third offense will likely cost you more than $3000 in fines alone. Also, there is a 30-day mandatory license suspension even for first-offenders. Two points will be assessed on your DMV driver’s license record, this is probably the most expensive penalty of all, as your auto insurance will skyrocket if you can find an insurance company willing to insure you. There is a mandatory traffic court appearance, which takes time away from your work that can affect your wages unless you have a traffic ticket attorney represent you, which is your best choice. You cannot attend traffic school for this violation so you cannot mask the ticket from your insurance company, they will find it when you are due for renewal.

How RADAR works

A radar gun is a method the police use most frequently to track a vehicles’ speed as it travels on the roadway, though there are several new methods coming, some already in use and more coming; this is how evidence is gathered to show proof that you were breaking the speed limit. Radar actually uses a Doppler type of radar system just like the ones used to track storm systems. It uses a microwave frequency signal to analyze the velocity of the wave that is bounced off the object that it is pointed at thus revealing the speed of the object. Therefore, if you are speeding 100+mph, it will bounce back rather quickly. These devices are very accurate, but law enforcement (LE) officers must be trained on their use and they must be calibrated frequently. Which could be a point of contention for a traffic ticket defense attorney.

Entrapment (Speed Traps) in California

Speed entrapment is illegal in CA but is sometimes practiced by unscrupulous law enforcement officials. Some municipalities place traffic ticket quotas on their LE officers so that rather than getting fired, they use speed traps. For instance, if you are being paced by a police airplane only, your speed cannot be used to ticket you, you must be paced by an officer in a car, as well. So, if you are speeding 100+mph then you still might be able to fight the ticket. So, resist the urge of speeding over 100 mph, it’s not worth it.

Not all traffic tickets are worth fighting, but speeding 100+mph is one of those for which you will need legal representation in court, call Bigger & Harman. In Fresno, Kern, Kings, or other Central Valley Counties and in some SoCal locations such as San Bernardino, LA, or Riverside counties, you should call Bigger & Harman. They will give you a FREE initial consult regarding your situation without obligation. So, call today, 661-349-9300, or email the office,

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