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Going Underground

Although immigrants in Visalia and Porterville face a slightly more uncertain future, given President Donald Trump’s “tough talk” on immigration, there are some way to decrease that uncertainty.

The new administration says it will deport between two and three million “criminal aliens,” which basically means any undocumented people with criminal records in either the United States or their home countries. Under some interpretations, that definition includes non-violent misdemeanors that seem like they should only be a regular traffic ticket. There are some who think that President Trump may even target some individuals who have been charged but not convicted.

The Obama administration deported about 2.5 million people, so the infrastructure is already in place.

AB-60 Licenses

Since January 2015, the state has issued limited drivers’ licenses to undocumented immigrants. They are valid for driving and identification purposes, and it is illegal for state law enforcement personnel to discriminate against people who have Assembly Bill 60 drivers’ licenses.

These documents are not valid for entry onto federal property, and may not be sufficient to board a commercial airplane. The Transportation Security Agency has been a little inconsistent in this regard, and at any rate, TSA officers are not bound by the anti-discrimination law, so presenting an AB-60 license gives them the right to ask questions and even detain people.

When the program first started, some scammers promised to “expedite” application in exchange for money. No one, not even a lawyer, has such power. However, our legal professionals can help you navigate your traffic ticket case in a way that minimizes any legal exposure and punishment that a conviction would bring.

Getting Legal Help

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Despite what the headline imply, undocumented immigrants in Visalia are still eligible for AB-60 licenses.

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